Lana Del Rey Radiates Natural Beauty – Shares Makeup-Free Moments with Fans

Lana Del Rey Radiates Natural Beauty - Shares Makeup-Free Moments with Fans

Lana Del Rey wows music fans with her sultry voice and emotional lyrics. Her stage look is as crucial as her songs. She’s famous for an old Hollywood style with delicate dresses, teased hair, and bold eye makeup, especially her thick black cat-eye. Many people watch Lana Del Rey makeup tutorials on YouTube and TikTok.

In 2017, Rey shared her own makeup tutorial. Teen Vogue said the full video is gone, but a fan saved a minute of it titled “Morning makeup to the Beatles.” In the clip, Rey sings along to the Beatles, doing her casual makeup routine. She demonstrates how she grooms her eyebrows, applies mascara, and adds faux beauty marks.

Lana Del Rey looks beautiful even without makeup. She has shown her makeup-free face to fans over the years, and it’s just as gorgeous as when she’s ready for a photoshoot. In a popular internet photo, she poses close to the camera with no makeup, long messy braids, and tendrils framing her face. The photo suggests she’s not afraid to show her natural beauty when she’s not performing.

In 2021, Rey shared another natural look on Facebook. She posted a photo with her lighter hair pulled back in a messy bun, wearing only lip gloss. The background had blurred natural scenery and a soft sun-kissed glow, indicating she was taking a break from the music studio. She mentioned in the caption that she was helping her sister by working on a music video set as a gaffer, prop, and costume light technician. Rey enjoys taking on different roles and surprising people with her talents.

In a 2019 interview with Vanity Fair, Rey talked about today’s beauty standards versus those of the past. She mentioned seeing beauty bloggers doing cat-eye makeup and admiring girls with perfect pictures. Rey sees a connection between old Hollywood glamour from the ’50s and the current trends. She appreciates the modern twist on the classic look.

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