‘Love After Lockup’: Are Raydean And Rick Still Together?

‘Love After Lockup’: Are Raydean And Rick Still Together?

All Love After Lockup couples have their quirks. None more so than Raydean and Rick, who knew each other before Ray went to prison. While he hoped they might have a future when she was released, is his fantasy completely shattered?

This is one pair that should make sense. Even though he’s much older than she is, Rick and Raydean used to go in the same circle. She had met someone from his cycling club. Eventually, Rick then got into a three-way date with Ray and she ended up locked up and out of his life.

It was only when she came to his rescue that he discovered where she was. He began to communicate with her and they decided to pursue something together. Rick just assumed that when she got out in five years, he would be the one he was with. He didn’t know she was hiding a secret from him.

When he got hold of the girl, he found out that she had a longtime girlfriend he had met in prison, named Kay. She also wanted to be with her parents more than him. Yes, he had feelings for her, but he wasn’t sure how things would be in the outside world. He was shocked to discover he had a girlfriend her parents already knew about. Unfortunately, she had to enter the half-finished house in forty-eight hours, so they didn’t have enough time to sort everything out. What will happen when he returns to the real world, what will happen and who will he finally meet?

‘Love After Lockup’: Are Raydean And Rick Still Together?

Since the beginning of the show, fans have been very curious about what happened to the actors. As for Raydean and Rick, it looks like they are through. First of all, they no longer follow each other on Facebook. Secondly, Ray’s status says he is married, but not to Rick. Even Tracie Trendy confirmed this on her YouTube channel. She shared that Ray got married at the beginning of 2021, but Rick was still posting about his ex until late last year. His new father has commented on his status updates frequently, even when he seems down.

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