‘Love After Lockup’: Indie Treadwell Catches Harry Valez?

‘Love After Lockup’: Indie Treadwell Catches Harry Valez?

Love After Lockup couple Indie Treadwell and Harry Valez have had their own problems since he left the recovery center. In fact, she knows he hasn’t been entirely faithful, but she doesn’t know to what extent. Now, in a clip tonight, the mother of two may finally arrest her spiritual husband for cheating on her.

Viewers first met Indie Treadwell and Harry Valez in season 1 of Love During Lockup. The makeup artist immediately fell in love with the inmate’s good looks and the two began communicating. However, she lived in Maryland and he was in Ohio and she was planning to move.

One thing that kept Indie going was the advice of her psychic who guided her on the right path. She also helped her know if Harry Valez was the right man for her. Indie often reminded the audience in her confessionals that he was her spiritual husband. No one fully understood that. When he was finally released, Indie made sure she was there for him.

Unfortunately, her mother, who is also a headhunter, found out about his past and why he was arrested. This made her question whether she would allow her daughter to move with her granddaughter. In addition, Indie Treadwell discovered that she was talking to other women, which made her angry. Harry Valez admitted it and eventually moved to Ohio when he was half released. They moved in with his sister, but her behavior was often reckless and ungrateful. It seemed he wasn’t really ready for everything Indie was, being so fresh out of prison. Yet he claimed he really loved her. Unfortunately, love might not have been enough to keep him from straying.

‘Love After Lockup’: Indie Treadwell Catches Harry Valez?

Fans have seen Harry openly admit to a good friend that he had an intimate relationship with a girl. He hasn’t told Indie about the encounter yet because he still loves her, or so he claims. Now it looks like she may have caught him in a Screen Rant clip, Indie Treadwell and Harry Valez talking about their relationship. Eventually he sees a text from another woman and wants to know more.

He thinks she shouldn’t be interested, but she doesn’t want any part of it. It starts with the producer asking Harry what happens when you’re not safe in an intimate relationship. He doesn’t think you can get pregnant like that, despite having a young daughter who was introduced last week.

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