Love After Lockup: Are John And Kristianna Still Together?

Love After Lockup: Are John And Kristianna Still Together?

In the season 2 premiere of “Love After Lockup”, John Miller revealed to his daughter Sapphire Miller that he is dating criminal Kristianna Roth. They met at a prison orientation session, and although John Miller has been married four times before, he plans to marry Kristianna Roth the day he is released from prison. His daughter immediately did an internet search on the convict and discovered a laundry list of convictions for her potential stepmother.

He said to his father: “There’s felonies, burglaries — there’s, like, thirty of them. She scrolls through the results and holds up her phone to John, and states, Do you see all of these?”

Despite his daughter’s wariness of his new girlfriend, John was so excited about being with Kristianna Roth that he married her the day she was released. He surprised her with a roadside ceremony, but not long after, the Love After Lockup actress was arrested.

But not long after the wedding, the blushing bride ended up back in prison after a relapse. During his time away, John became too close to his wife’s sister Tara. They carried on a rather inappropriate flirtation and when Kristianna Roth’s mother found out what was going on, she ordered them both to stop. Is the couple who were known as ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ still married? Read on to find out if John and Kristianna are still together.

Love After Lockup: Are John And Kristianna Still Together?

Since Kristianna Roth’s debut on ‘Love After Lockup’, she has been quite transparent with the public about her drug problems, which played a big role in her incarceration.

During her early release, she managed to find love with John, which was unfortunately cut short when she was sent back to prison for drug abuse. When Kristianna Roth was re-imprisoned, John undermined the trust in his marriage by flirting with her sister.

In an attempt to redeem himself, John finally proposed to Kristianna Roth again and we’re happy to report that the reality personalities are still together, although it didn’t seem like they’d make it back down the aisle; especially after Kristianna found out that her husband was flirting with her sister. In an episode of “Life After Lockup” that aired on October 29, titled “Put a Ring On It,” they exchange their vows in a more traditional ceremony than their first wedding. Kristianna Roth’s big day was attended by family and friends; even her estranged son Devin was there. In the previous episode, fans saw Kristianna approach Devin, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time, asking him to come to her wedding. He was quite hesitant and told his mother: “It’s kind of hard to just get up and go to such a big event. I’ll just have to think about it.” Kristianna tells the show’s producers that seeing Devin at her wedding would mean everything to her.

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