Love After Lockup: Who Is Maurice Gipson’s New Woman?

Love After Lockup: Who Is Maurice Gipson’s New Woman?

Maurice Gipson introduced Love After Lockup to viewers after his release from a California prison. While incarcerated, he served seven years for burglary and met his wife Jessica Gipson when she came across his profile on a dating website.

In the first episode of the third season, Gipson said that seeing Maurice’s photo for the first time was “love at first sight”. However, social media suggests they may not be together anymore.

Viewers of Love After Lockup saw Maurice and Jessica fall in love and get married in a white wedding. Jessica had always wanted a white wedding, but couldn’t do it because they were married in prison. She later gave birth to their beloved son Ma’liq in April 2020. After adopting the son, the couple had a strained relationship. This has led to a toxic battle on the internet, Starcasm reports. Social media confirmed that the breakup took place after their last appearance on Love After Lockup. The couple have continued to hack each other online. However, Maurice is still enjoying life with new girlfriend Mandy, according to Starcasm.

Jessica has already removed Maurice’s photos from her Instagram. In her biography, she calls herself “Ma’liq’s Mom”. In every picture of Ma’liq, she expresses how much “mommy and daddy” adore and are proud of their baby.

Love After Lockup: Who Is Maurice Gipson’s New Woman?

Love After Lockup couple’s messy breakup continues on social media. Maurice’s new girlfriend is Cali boo Mandy, who suggests they finally get married, according to The Daily Advent.

What’s more, he and Mandy are reportedly expecting a baby. They have posted about their relationship on social media. This may have foreshadowed his departure, as Jessica is out of the picture. So what was Maurice’s latest transgression?

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