Love After Lockup: Is Andy Playing a Double Game with His Inmate Love, Brittney?

Love After Lockup: Is Andy Playing a Double Game with His Inmate Love, Brittney?

So you’ve been following “Love After Lockup,” right? Well, you’re in for a treat, because there’s shocking news you won’t want to miss! As you may already know, Andy, the retired police officer with a heart of gold, seemed like the perfect catch for incarcerated Brittney. But hold on tight, folks! It seems Andy himself is hiding some secrets – secrets that could drastically change the whole story.

Andy, father of three, led us to believe that he is Mr. Responsibility. But then during a prison phone call, his daughters revealed to Brittney that he hasn’t exactly been the “Father of the Year.” Disappointed? So are we. Instead of accepting his mistakes, Andy chose to get angry at his own daughters. Red flags, anyone?

But wait, there’s more! When Andy and his son Barry, along with Brittney’s daughter Gracie, welcomed Brittney into the world of freedom, something didn’t seem right. She made Andy and Barry wait outside for two hours during one of her children’s parties. Poor Andy, we thought, is he being fooled by Brittney? Not so fast!

According to a Starcasm revelation, Andy is still legally married to his second wife, Mindy. Wait a minute, rewind and play that again: Andy, our supposed knight in shining armor, has been hiding a woman this whole time!

Love After Lockup: Mindy Speaks Out: Andy, The Man of Many Faces

Mindy isn’t keeping quiet, and why should she? After filing for divorce, she took to social media, delighting in her newfound freedom from Andy. She mischievously posted, “THANK YOU LORD!! . As of today, I’ve shed 425 lbs,” and later clarified that she was talking about losing Andy along with her weight.

But listen to this: Mindy soon shared even more in a Facebook group, claiming that Andy is nothing more than a narcissist and habitual liar. According to her, he was playing a double game with both her and Brittney. “He was just at my house Wednesday telling me he loves me and he’s sorry…today he’s asking her to come back,” Mindy shared. To make matters worse, she also mentioned that Andy has “big-time” debts and is constantly changing jobs.

So where does this leave Brittney? Did she know about Andy’s marital status before she signed up for this love trip? Mindy claims Andy is playing games with both women, raising more questions than answers in this increasingly messy love triangle.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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