Mama June Shannon Hides Marriage from Alana Thompson & Pumpkin

Mama June Shannon Hides Marriage from Alana Thompson & Pumpkin

Mama June has made many mistakes in the past, which is why her daughters do not trust her. In addition, Shannon does not seem to be doing anything to improve her relationships with Pumpkin and Alana Thompson.

If this was not enough to upset her daughters, Shannon invited herself to Alana Thompson’s birthday party, ruining everyone’s mood. Now things are coming to a head: Alana and Lauryn have revealed that they knew nothing about their mother’s wedding. Tune in to find out their reactions.

Mama June Shannon Hides Marriage from Alana Thompson & Pumpkin

After the last few years that Mama June Shannon has been on television, many viewers agree that Shannon has not been the best mother for her children. Things began to derail between Shannon and her daughters when Mama June turned to drugs.

Mama June Shannon’s actions began to affect Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and Alana Thompson, who tried to talk some sense into their mother. Since then, however, the daughters have come to the point where they no longer believe Mama June so much.

Meanwhile, the reality star is busy with her new husband and always seems to be with him.The two were married in March and the news broke in April. Therefore, even TLC fans were shocked by the news.

Similarly, Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin had no clue like the others. The sisters sat down for an interview and revealed that they had no clue or warning about the wedding. Sisters Alana Thompson and Pumpkin spoke with E!News about their mother’s wedding. Lauryn, the oldest daughter, stated, “We didn’t know about it.”

Shockingly, the daughter revealed that she received a receipt in her mailbox that Mama June requested a marriage certificate. However, when Lauryn asked June about it, the obnoxious mother denied it. Then, June remarked, “Oh, I got married.”

Meanwhile, Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin were very shocked. In fact, after what June went through in her previous relationship with Sugar Bear, the girls never thought their mother would remarry. However, the news took Alana by surprise.

The reality star pointed out that her mother always said she would not remarry. Then Alana Thompson added that her mother has become a different person. In addition, the girls have met Justin, but they have not yet commented on whether they like him or not.

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