Mama June: Road To Redemption Star Mike Thompson Receives Scary News

Mama June: Road To Redemption Star Mike Thompson Receives Scary News

Mike Thompson, father of “Mama June: Road To Redemption” star Alana Thompson, recently discovered he may have cancer. Mike Thompson had a strong relationship with Alana’s mother, Mama June, and they committed to each other in 2013, staying together for about eight years, although they were not legally married.

Despite their long relationship and Mike Thompson being a father figure to Mama June’s other daughters, they broke off their engagement in 2014 after Mama June thought Sugar Bear was chatting to women online. In 2016, the two appeared on We TV’s Marriage Boot Camp, but there was no saving the relationship. The TV star finally married Jennifer Lamb in 2017, but they are no longer together.

Like some of her relationships, her medical history has been documented on television. In 2012, Mike Thompson was dealing with an infection from a leg injury. The following year, the star struggled with fainting and dizzy spells, which her family believed were linked to her existing diabetes diagnosis. Tests revealed that the star was suffering from pneumonia and pancreatitis. Mike subsequently dealt with a neurological disorder.

Mama June: Road To Redemption Star Mike Thompson Receives Scary News

According to TMZ, Mike Thompson now seems to be adding another problem to his already extensive health history. The star has been to the dentist as she is currently undergoing a full makeover to improve her appearance in preparation for a possible new relationship.

When she went to the dentist for a new smile, the dentist noticed several white spots on Mike Thompson’s gums. The dentist’s analysis led him to conclude that the white spots could be cancer. The reality star was known for his tobacco chewing and nicotine habit. Constant tobacco chewing caused his teeth to rot and now this could be the main cause of his gum damage and a possible cancer diagnosis.

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