Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mike Tells His Wife He Feels Bad For His Daughter Alana Thompson Amid All Of June’s Antics

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mike Tells His Wife He Feels Bad For His Daughter Alana Thompson Amid All Of June's Antics

Mike Thompson and his wife, Jennifer, are disgusted when they learn that his former mom June is selling her daughter Alana’s stuff for easy money.

In the exclusive clip of The Sun, taken from Friday’s new episode of WE TV’s Mama June: Da Not to Hot, the married couple discuss the idea of fighting for full custody of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

Jennifer and Sugar Bear are driving around when she is informed that June is selling off her family’s items. Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson’s wife says, “Mama June is selling off everything in her house. All the girls’ stuff… God, Mike, she’s selling all of Alana’s stuff, even Ella’s dolls.”

They’re outraged, with Mike Thompson wondering why she’s pawning “all her (bleep).” In last week’s episode, June’s kids burst into tears when they found out that their mom, arrested last year for cocaine possession, was pawning their personal belongings.

In March, June tried to sell a pair of Nike sneakers for $70 online and had previously listed other items on Facebook Marketplace.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mike Tells His Wife He Feels Bad For His Daughter Alana Thompson Amid All Of June’s Antics

Now, June’s ex and his wife are discovering his latest antechamber and Jennifer Thompson thinks she knows exactly why the 40-year-old reality TV star is doing it.

Jennifer Thompson explains it to him. “I mean, you know, she has a drug problem. “So if you don’t have money, you gotta do something to make money.” In addition to calling her “drug problem,” Mike’s partner also reported June’s appearance recently.

She says directly to the camera, “oh, my God, she looks terrible. Teeth missing, hair all messed up, all different colors.” Jennifer Thompson, who won her “not too hot” transformation issue, adds, “And she thought she was the one who was going to win the magazine cover? Ha ha, (bleep) please.”

The only thing Mike cares about, though, is that his 14-year-old daughter is okay, because having her stuff sold is just the last thing he has to deal with.

Before that, her mother promised her she’d go to rehab, but then she backed out when it was time to go.

Hurt and upset, Alana Thompson started acting weird and even pretended to snort cocaine with a livestream. In this new footage from the show, Mike says to the camera, “Every time something comes out about June, my heart goes out to Alana Thompson because she’s going through this and that, and I’m not even there to comfort her.

This leads Jennifer Thompson to talk about the idea of getting “her full custody”. June’s daughter, Lauryn, aka Pumpkin, has temporary custody of Alana Thompson since June’s arrest, but it looks like Jennifer Thompson is ready to take her place.

Even though Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson doesn’t want to “shake the boat right now” because of everything Alana’s already going through, Jennifer Thompson says that if June pulls “another stupid stunt”, then they’ll go for “full custody of Alana Thompson”.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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