MBFFL: Whitney Way Thore Speaks Up For Her Defence

MBFFL: Whitney Way Thore Speaks Up For Her Defence

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore is in the headlines these days. She’s having a feud with her close friend and company employee Ashley Baynes. Apparently, Whitney is considered by many to be the villain of the story. Not only that, viewers have slammed her for calling her a “bad friend.” This is the first time Whitney Thore has been criticized so brutally. She has usually been considered a loving soul. Especially after the heartbreak of her previous relationship, people developed a soft corner and a sense of concern for her.

The proposal at the Eiffel Tower could not end in a life together. This devastated the minds of many viewers. But Whitney Thore somehow became a part of the denial list in viewers’ eyes after she was dishonest with Ashley about the app she planned to launch.

MBFFL: Whitney Way Thore Speaks Up For Her Defence

Reality fame Whitney Thore has been a motivator for many who have suffered from body shaming. Taking it a step further, she started her No BS Active fitness subscription service. This has helped many gain their self-confidence and forget all the bad talk of fat-shaming. Recently, the star decided to create an app for her business. As with Whitney, the app will carry all the operation done not by the current employees of No BS Active but by the collaborating company that helps build the app.

And Ashley Baynes, one of No BS Active’s closest friends and employees, was unaware of the new happenings. But she would lose her job after the app launched. Meanwhile, Whitney told her nothing. So after being slammed by fans and called a “bad friend,” Whitney did her best to justify her decision.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.

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