Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson to Enter Lamar Odom’s Rehab Facility

Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson to Enter Lamar Odom's Rehab Facility

Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson, Honey Boo Boo’s father, enlists help from Lamar Odom’s rehabilitation facility to fight prescription drug addiction, and hopes to mend his estranged relationship with his daughter post-rehab.

It’s been an intense journey for Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson, the father of the reality TV sensation, Alana Thompson. Recent reports have confirmed that he is headed towards a path of recovery, enlisting in the help of Lamar Odom’s rehabilitation facilities in Kansas. Facing struggles with prescription drug addiction, anxiety, and depression, Sugar Bear is finally seeking help, but what does this mean for his estranged relationship with his daughter, Alana, aka Honey Boo Boo?

Sources close to Honey Boo Boo’s father have revealed a side of Sugar Bear that many of his fans hadn’t seen. After being treated for diabetes, Thompson found himself wrestling with an addiction to prescription drugs. His battle has been further complicated with concurrent mental health issues, specifically anxiety and depression.

The Sugar Bear-Lamar Odom Connection

It was last summer that Sugar Bear first made a connection with Lamar Odom, the retired professional basketball player turned wellness advocate. Their friendship seems to have been a cornerstone for Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson’s decision to enter the Gold Bridge Treatment Center in Louisburg, Kansas, one of the rehab facilities owned by Odom.

The one person notably affected by Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson’s struggles is none other than his daughter, Alana Thompson. Their relationship has reportedly been on shaky grounds for more than a year, with Thompson missing significant milestones in Alana’s life, such as her graduation. However, it’s speculated that Thompson’s addiction to prescription medications might have been the underpinning reason for their rift.

A Possible Reconciliation with Alana Thompson?

Despite the strained relationship, Thompson is far from giving up on his daughter. Insiders have revealed to TMZ that part of Thompson’s post-rehab plan includes reaching out to Alana to mend their broken relationship. Honey Boo Boo recently welcomed her mother back into her life after years of estrangement, offering hope that she might also have space in her heart for her father.

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