OutDaughtered: Danielle and Adam Busby’s Pregnancy Scare

OutDaughtered: Danielle and Adam Busby’s Pregnancy Scare

OutDaughtered stars Danielle Busby and hubby Adam Busby recently touched on the subject if they want more children. Of course, it’s easy to see that they have their hands full. But Adam Busby still wants a boy. So, will Busby be bold enough to add another child to the mix?

OutDaughtered: Danielle and Adam Busby’s Pregnancy Scare

OutDaughtered fans might remember Danielle Busby and Adam Busby had a bit of a scare a while back. Remember Adam Busby had a vasectomy. However, he never came back for the next appointment to make sure the procedure worked. So when Danielle’s cycle was late, Adam Busby panicked and had to confess.

Of course, she was ready to kill him. All that time she thought they didn’t have to worry about the pregnancy. But they still didn’t know for sure. Turns out she wasn’t pregnant and that she was probably late due to stress. However, that only increased her stress on OutDaughtered.

“Girl Dad” Adam Busby of OutDaughtered absolutely loves his six little princesses. Of course he wouldn’t change anything about who they are. But part of him would still like to have a little boy to share those special father and son moments with. Remember, he’s very close to his father and they share a special bond.

So while Adam Busby has an extraordinary relationship with each of his girls, he would also love a son to bond with and perhaps carry on some of the traditions he has with his father. Recently, Adam Busby and his wife Danielle answered several questions that fans had and it seems Adam may have his boy after all on OutDaughtered.

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