OutDaughtered: Happy News for Hazel

OutDaughtered: Happy News for Hazel

OutDaughtered‘s Hazel Busby recently went to the eye doctor. Both parents Adam and Danielle and Hazel are nervous when these important dates occur. But it seems that this appointment was positive.

TLC’s Hazel was at the “bottom of the pile” in the uterus. She was so small and that caused challenges. And ever since she was born, she still has eye problems.

She was not very old when she underwent eye surgery to prevent her from turning her head to look. This was a matter of a lot of drama and stress for both Danielle Busby and Adam Busby. But in the end, they agreed that it was necessary, and they stayed together throughout the process.

Now that OutDaughtered star Hazel is older, she understands more. When she had surgery on her eyes, she was still young enough not to realize too much. Now she shows that she is nervous when she goes. But she is very brave when she makes the trip to the doctor.

OutDaughtered: Happy News for Hazel

OutDaughtered mom Danielle said that Hazel Busby is getting her new lenses. When her eyes change, her doctor changes her glasses to make sure she gets the best vision. Hazel recently had an eye check, and Danielle Busby said she was doing well.

In fact, Danielle Busby said that the glasses adjustments are small. Hazel from OutDaughtered looks like a very lucky girl to get such hopeful news from her doctor. When Hazel’s second doctor said she was leaving Houston, Texas, they decided to travel to see her.

Hazel’s first doctor moved away. And Danielle and her husband Adam Busby didn’t want to go through the change again. In fact, they thought it would be easier to travel and spend the night instead of changing doctors on Hazel basil.

Written by Christine Cohan

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  1. I have truly enjoyed watching your beautiful girls grow. I challenge myself to tell them apart. Now that they’re getting a little older it’s easier. Blake is a wonderful big sister.
    You are incredibly blessed. Thank you for letting us share a few of your precious memories.
    Laurie W.

  2. Hazel is so special when i watched her on tv. With her eye. I couldnt even tell she had problem. She s such sweetheart from me.

  3. It’s only a 3.5 hour drive, not bad at all. My husband is a combat disabled veteran and we make the 3 hour trip to the VA often. Many people travel for medical treatments. Heck, people travel to different countries for medical treatment.

  4. Was really into All the TLC Shows & then we moved. Can’t afford cable so i have 2 catch up with the shows on my phone by reading. Mayb 1 day i’ll b able 2 afford it again..luv the Busby’s, so down 2 earth

  5. I just love this family I record it so I want miss an episode I love how gentle Adam is with a house full of Daughters but the fact he never misses the opportunity to make Danielle feel special

  6. Since we don’t know where Hazels doctor moved to, we don’t know how far they have to go. If Dallas, 5 hours. Conroe is 1 hour Austin 2 1/2 .

  7. Such good news for Miss Hazel. So very happy for you all. Adam and Danielle you are wonderful parents.
    I fell in love with Hazel when she was born..
    My Mom passed in 2013 and she just melted my heart.
    I love all the others also.. Hazel just has a soft spot on my heart. Glad you all are doing so well. Much love. ❤

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