OutDaughtered: Season 8 Hints

OutDaughtered: Season 8 Hints

Earlier this summer, Adam Busby dropped tips for Season 8 of OutDaughtered, or so the fans thought. The speculation began when Adam shared a photo of Lulu in front of construction debris and a rather substantial camera.

In the comments, fans asked whether it was a movie for OutDaughtered or It’s a Buzz World? Both are very good options, as Adam films most of his footage for his YouTube channel. However, Adam doesn’t answer the question. Subtitle the photo: “How nice to see them now able to tell their story”.

At the time, filming for the TLC series stopped abruptly because of COVID-19. During Season 7, the Busbys were putting everything in place for the house renovation. It was around this time that all the travel began.

It is easy to see how some things can escape with all the hustle and bustle of a home renovation. However, the Busbys juggle a house renovation and travel with six daughters. More recently, the Busbys have all piled up in a camper for a trip to Canyon Lake, Texas reports Intouch Weekly. The Busbys do a great job of telling their adventures on social media.

Eventually, during their adventures, both Adam and Danielle Busby let slip the production crew’s photos in their Instagram. While the Busbys always seem to have fun wherever they go, fans weren’t expecting to see the producers dancing on Adam and Danielle Busby’s Instagrams. All cheerful, even Danielle’s mom Mimi is getting into the dance. One of the latest videos to make Instagram shows the girls and the producer of OutDaughtered. Undoubtedly, there are probably some photo bombs of producers to find for web surveys.

Exciting for OutDaughtered fans, it’s probably safe to say that their big favorite family is returning to TLC for Season 8. Unfortunately, Texas is still dealing pretty heavily with COVID-19.

However, Adam and Danielle Busby prove again and again that they are great parents. With that in mind, fans can rest assured that they will not take unnecessary risks when it comes to their family. In addition, fans should breathe a sigh of relief to see the producer and video crews wearing masks and keeping their distance from the family.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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