OutDaughtered: Home Remodeling Inconvenienced Danielle

OutDaughtered: Home Remodeling Inconvenienced Danielle

OutDaughtered fans are following the renovation and remodeling of the Busy’s house with interest. In fact, it seems to have gone on since Jesus was a child. And it looks like they still have a long way to go. The Busbys started work around the beginning of June, and they are still working. Danielle Busby showed some footage of what it looks like right now.

OutDaughtered: Home Remodeling Inconvenienced Danielle

In the last few months, the Busbys left for Louisiana, went to a water park, took a trip to the beach and more. In addition, they recently left for the first time camping in a camper van. They did it so they could work at home. And small children are not really suitable for this kind of work.

While they enjoy a few adventures, when they come home, it is difficult to cook and keep the children in safe spaces. Danielle Busby has become innovative and has moved some furniture around outdoors. And she’s created a kind of patio for lunch.

Later, Danielle Busby had a temporary outdoor sink put in. This meant she no longer needed the bathtub to wash the dishes and prepare the kitchen. Adam shared a lot about the state of the house in his Instagram Stories. And now, Danielle Busby also shared a little walk. This clearly shows how messy the place is right now. In one clip, she showed the hanging plastic and the floor stripped and stripped.

In a second clip, Danielle Busby revealed an area where people work in the kitchen. She subtitled it “because… YAY!!!!!! Room in the kitchen.” Now it looks spacious and some freshly painted shelves look quite elegant.

But the work remains and once again a lot of plastic is draped over things. Clearly they won’t move freely for a few weeks or more. But you get an idea of the result. Of course, fans really hope that, in time, they’ll see some of it on the show. Or at least a guided walk on Adam’s YouTube.

Speaking of another show, it looks like more will be coming to TLC soon. InTouch Weekly reported that Adam Busby told his fans that because of their request, he started shooting more episodes. Recall that the coronavirus has stopped filming. So the fans never saw much. But, the last episode was shot by the family. The overwhelming approval made them decide to film some more.

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