PaddleSmash Makes Waves in ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15

PaddleSmash Makes Waves in 'Shark Tank' Season 15

Looking for the next big thing in outdoor group games? Meet PaddleSmash, the groundbreaking backyard game that’s taken the best from Pickleball and Roundnet to give you an all-new, exhilarating experience. Founded by Joe Bingham alongside his business-savvy partners, Tim Swindle and Scott Brown, PaddleSmash is already a hit during playtesting. The team has spent months perfecting the design and gameplay, making it a durable, portable, and most importantly, an exciting choice for your next outdoor gathering.

Joe Bingham, a structural engineer and father of seven, initially brainstormed the idea when he found it hard to entertain his kids with existing options. Discontented with driving 20 minutes to crowded pickleball courts and unsatisfied with his backyard setup, he knew he needed something different. Enter PaddleSmash. Joe’s kids, who were already fans of games like Spikeball, instantly fell in love with this new creation, proving it as a perfect game for families.

The game comes as a complete set that includes a Net System, Foldable Court, four Paddles, and two Balls, available for a pocket-friendly price of $199.99. And here’s the best part: In celebration of their upcoming ‘Shark Tank’ appearance, PaddleSmash is now available for just $169.99 for this week only! The discount is automatically applied at checkout. Don’t miss this limited-time offer. Visit their official website or Amazon to grab your set today.

Shark Tank: Why PaddleSmash is the Go-to Outdoor Game for 2023

Ease of setup? Check. Fun gameplay? Double check. Inclusive design? Triple check. PaddleSmash is not just another outdoor game; it’s a revolution. Whether you’re setting it up on the grass, sand, or any flat surface, it takes just a minute to get the game ready. Its portability features are also off the charts; all components can easily fit inside the foldable base court.

But PaddleSmash is not just stopping at this. Post their ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15 appearance, the founders have seen a significant boost in sales and are actively seeking customer feedback for continual improvement. They’re also leveraging influencer marketing to amplify their reach.

Shark Tank: Where to Catch PaddleSmash on ‘Shark Tank’ and Beyond

If you’re as intrigued as we are, be sure not to miss Joe Bingham and Tim Swindle pitching PaddleSmash on ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15. They will be sharing the stage with other innovative products like FairyTail Pet Care, Buena Papa French Fry Bar, and Monosuit. For those who can’t catch the episode live, worry not. Missed episodes can be viewed the next day on demand and Hulu. Additionally, viewers can also catch up on old seasons and episodes on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

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