Shark Tank Season 15: Fishwife’s Shark Tank Debut Stirs Price Point Controversy!

Shark Tank Season 15: Fishwife's Shark Tank Debut Stirs Price Point Controversy!

Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb created Fishwife, a brand that sells ethically sourced canned fish. Since it started in 2020, Fishwife has gained popularity for its commitment to sustainability and quality. However, appearing on Shark Tank has sparked a lot of opinions, especially about the high prices.

Available online at and various retail locations, Fishwife offers an array of tinned seafood delights. Keen customers can indulge in exclusive Shark Tank bundles or explore options like the Spicy Hot Trio and Classic Smoky Trio. For the dedicated fans, Fishwife also features branded merchandise, including hats and t-shirts. Their Shark Tank Bundle, priced at $84, includes eight tins of their finest selections, showcasing the brand’s commitment to offering diverse seafood options.

Shark Tank: Fans Debate High Cost of Gourmet Seafood Tins!

Shark Tank fans are talking about the expensive prices of Fishwife’s gourmet seafood. Some people on Reddit think the prices are too high. One person said, “Yeah, they’re horribly overrated and expensive. $84 for 1.73 ounce tins? No thank you @fishwife.”

People are also discussing the brand’s name, Fishwife. Some people think it’s a fun and fitting name. Others think it’s strange for a modern seafood company.

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Can This Gourmet Seafood Brand Keep Up Its Splash?

Despite the mixed reactions, Fishwife is doing well. Between 2021 and 2022, their revenue increased by about 250%. The exposure from Shark Tank will help Fishwife even more. They are promoting themselves on TikTok and have a special ‘Shark Tank’ package.

Fishwife’s journey on Shark Tank shows the balance between quality, sustainability, and what customers want. We don’t know if Fishwife will keep being successful after Shark Tank. One thing is clear: they have caught the attention of the gourmet seafood world.

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