Shark Tank Season 15: Why Maniac Pumpkin Carvers Couldn’t Seal the Deal on Shark Tank

Shark Tank Season 15: Why Maniac Pumpkin Carvers Couldn't Seal the Deal on Shark Tank

Maniac Pumpkin Carvers is a company known for their amazing pumpkins and workshops. They went on “Shark Tank,” but didn’t get a deal. Co-founders Chris Soria and Marc Evan showed their unique business model. It included virtual carving lessons. It included personalized carving kits. It included special pumpkins shipped across the country.

Last year, they made $150,000 from virtual classes and $90,000 from personalized kits. But the Sharks were worried about the business being seasonal. The co-founders wanted $150,000 for an 8% stake, but Barbara Corcoran wasn’t sure because they didn’t sell directly to customers. Kevin O’Leary didn’t like seasonal businesses. Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner also didn’t think it was a good investment.

Shark Tank: Are Seasonal Businesses Uninvestable?

It’s interesting that viewers at home felt the same way. On Reddit, people criticized Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. One person said they have competition from free YouTube videos. Another person wished they made fake pumpkins that last longer. People on Reddit questioned if the business could succeed and grow.

Jason Blum was the last Shark to consider investing, but he backed out. Fans and viewers wondered about the value of seasonal businesses and asked what Chris and Marc do for their regular jobs.

Shark Tank: Kevin O’Leary’s Crypto Misadventure

Kevin O’Leary’s advice about seasonal businesses is worth considering, but it’s important to remember that he has made bad investments too. He lost a lot of money in the FTX crypto scam. He was skeptical about cryptocurrencies at first, but then became a spokesperson for FTX. After FTX failed, Kevin admitted he probably lost all of his $15 million investment. This shows that all investments have risks, whether they’re in seasonal businesses or volatile crypto markets.

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