Perfect Match Stars Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch Split After Filming Ends: What Went Wrong?

Perfect Match Stars Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch Split After Filming Ends: What Went Wrong?

Netflix’s reality TV show, Perfect Match, premiered on Valentine’s Day, bringing in former stars from popular series like Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle. Among them were Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch, who formed a connection during the show and left with hopes of continuing their relationship outside of the competition. However, it seems that the spark they felt in paradise couldn’t withstand the real world.

Perfect Match: Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch’s Journey on Perfect Match

Shayne was one of the original cast members on Perfect Match, and he hit it off with Ines Tazi on the first night. However, their relationship didn’t work out, and Shayne started to show interest in Chloe. Despite Francesca and Damien winning control of the board and sending Chloe on a date with her ex, Mitchell Eason, she ultimately chose Shayne to continue building a connection.

Nonetheless, their romantic journey encountered several obstacles, one of which involved Chloe dating Mitchell to resolve lingering tensions, resulting in Shayne’s distress. Despite these challenges, they successfully resolved their differences and reached the final episode, where they openly shared their intentions to pursue their relationship beyond the show.

Perfect Match: What Happened After Filming Ended?

Sadly, it looks like their connection fizzled out not long after the cameras stopped rolling. Upon being questioned about her ongoing relationship with Shayne, Chloe revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, “I didn’t depart the show unattached; I had found a match, but currently, I am single.”, I left in a match, but now I’m single, I left in a match, but now I’m single.” It’s unclear what caused the split, but it seems that Shayne may still have some feelings for his ex-fianceé, Natalie Lee, from Love Is Blind.

In an Instagram Story, Shayne posted screenshots of texts between him and Natalie, where he expressed his love for her. This revelation came after Natalie revealed that Shayne signed up for Perfect Match while they were trying to work on their relationship.

Perfect Match: What’s Next for Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch?

The future remains uncertain regarding whether Shayne and Chloe might reignite their relationship; however, audiences can continue to enjoy the unfolding drama on Perfect Match. One thing is evident: discovering love can be quite challenging, particularly when it transpires under the watchful eyes of cameras.

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