Rilah Ferrer says she won’t be on Unexpected ‘ever again’

Rilah Ferrer says she won’t be on Unexpected ‘ever again’

Fans of TLC’s Unexpected are eager to find out who will return to the show and who will not. Some of the stars have hinted whether they’re coming back or not.

Chloe Mendoza already announced that she’s 99.9% sure she won’t return to the show. She made a YouTube video of her decision in October. In the video, the teenage mother said, “It was a lot of grief, and long days, and all these things. But in general, it changed my life completely, and I’m just concentrating on how it changed my life for the better instead of thinking the worst, you know what I mean?”

Chloe also said that the producers edited a lot of the show to make it funnier, sadder, or something else they might have wanted. Because of all this, Chloe decided she’s not part of the show. Now, Chloe isn’t the only Unexpected Star who speaks out against the producers. Rilah Ferrer has also spoken out.

Rilah Ferrer says she won’t be on Unexpected ‘ever again’

On Sunday night Rilah Ferrer went to Twitter to talk about her time on the show. She sent a series of tweets about the show and its production.

The TLC star said, “okay, so I knew filming wouldn’t be easy and I knew it would be a whole day’s work, but I thought it was good, because at the end of the day it would be put on TV, so it’s for a good cause, but no”.

Then she continued, “These people were wasting my time, going on an entire trip to Miami to get the editors to shut everything down. After I gave birth, these TV people rushed me out of the hospital so they could film and get pros in the car. I couldn’t even enjoy the time with my baby. Hours and hours of filming interviews (I had the flu half the time) just to cut off the footage. Like why would you choose me for this stupid show when you barely show my footage? If I hadn’t done the show, I could have saved the headache of a bunch of boomer ss btches on FB and IG. It is what it is. Just never again.

The Unexpected Star placed another tweet around the same one. She pin it to her profile so it’s the first thing anyone sees when they visit her page. The fans were a little confused about the tweet. She was quick to make it clear that the quote came from a video on Tik Tok.

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