Selena Gomez Returned To ‘SNL’ In 2022 With A New Role

Selena Gomez Returned To ‘SNL’ In 2022 With A New Role

Selena Gomez may seem too young to make a comeback. But when you start your entertainment career as early as she did, you have time to reinvent yourself. In fact, the star has managed to do what many child stars try and fail to do: transition from her young performing days to adulthood without completely disappearing. And when Selena Gomez relaunched her music career with a new and more mature sound, one of her first official appearances was as a musical guest on SNL.

Selena Gomez got her start on the popular children’s TV show Barney & Me. According to IMDb, she was a regular participant from 2002 to 2004. In 2007, she landed her breakthrough role: Disney’s The Wizards of Waverly Place. Barely a teenager, Gomez faced immense fame. Like many of the Disney stars of the time, Gomez’s multiple talents helped her launch a music career supported by her young fans. Success, however, came with its own set of consequences. Gomez struggled to mature an image distinct from her Disney-supported identity. In addition, she faced serious health problems and spoke publicly about her lupus. Eventually, Gomez underwent a kidney transplant.

When she launched her album Revival in October 2015, the title was loaded with meaning. As Billboard wrote, it “marks a split from the Disney empire that shaped so much of her story.” The first single (“Good for You”) contained a sensuality that certainly represented a change. It also demonstrated the singer’s attempt to separate herself from her media relationship with Justin Bieber.

During the birth of this new image, Gomez appeared on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest. She appeared on the show on 23 January 2016. The episode, hosted by Ronda Rousey, marked a very public opportunity for Gomez to shed her Disney identity and forge her adult career on her own terms.

The performance included “Good for You” as well as “Same Old Love” and “Hands to Myself”. Lyrically, these songs offered a clear departure from his earlier bubblegum pop. For example, in the song “Hands to Myself”, Gomez screws the unnamed lover with a “metaphorical gin and juice” that she can’t stay away from. Likewise, “Same Old Love” showed a ripe theme of heartache and despair – certainly something darker than “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

Selena Gomez Returned To ‘SNL’ In 2022 With A New Role

Since her musical relaunch, Gomez has continued her growth in the entertainment industry. Her return to sketch comedy in 2022 marks a kind of full-fledged growth. In the years since ‘Revival’ – which the singer considers her first proper solo album – she has seen more success in the music industry, releasing ‘Rare’ and ‘Revelación’. But her acting and producing career has also grown tremendously.

In particular, he stars in the true-life comedy ‘Only Murders in the Building’, where he goes up against comedy legends Martin Short and Steve Martin. In fact, her comments in an interview in 2021 suggest that Gomez is planning to leave music altogether. However, she has since retracted the comments to indicate that she only intends to take a “significant break” rather than end her musical ventures.

It is worth noting that her May 2022 appearance on SNL was not as a music guest. Instead, Gomez was a presenter for the first time – an honour more befitting an actor. Her Miley Cyrus impersonation skit was highly praised – including from Cyrus herself.

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