Shocking Truth Behind SZA’s ‘Snooze’ Revealed – Grammy Winner Spills All!

Shocking Truth Behind SZA's 'Snooze' Revealed - Grammy Winner Spills All!

In 2023, SZA’s “Snooze” became a hit. That July, it topped Billboard’s Hot R&B Songs charts.

Even in 2024, it held strong at the No. 5 spot on the Hot 100. Previously, it was a hit on TikTok until the app lost UMG music in January 2024. SZA wasn’t signed with UMG.

However, her songwriters were, which led to her songs being removed. This didn’t hurt “Snooze’s” success. It’s from her album “SOS.”

Later, SZA released a video for “Snooze,” featuring Justin Bieber. She won a Grammy for the song.

At the 2024 Grammys, she mentioned Lizzo and Taylor Swift in her acceptance speech. SZA also performed “Snooze.” Now, let’s delve into the song’s meaning.

“Snooze” seems to be about a woman deeply in love. She’s willing to do anything for her partner, even illegal things.

The lyrics touch on themes of loyalty, crime, and dangerous love. However, the song also hints at her partner’s betrayal and manipulation.

We hope these dark lyrics don’t reflect SZA’s real experiences.

SZA, Babyface, and Leon Thomas Spill Secrets on Creating ‘Snooze

SZA didn’t come up with “Snooze” by herself. It was Babyface and Leon Thomas who created it. They were working with SZA, who joined them by chance. “I went to the studio for another song,” she said in an interview. “Then, I heard Leon making the beat in the hallway. His voice became part of the beat. It caught my attention.”

She then added her vocals to the song. Later, Babyface and Thomas confirmed that “Snooze” was a spontaneous joint project with SZA.

They worked together, laying down parts. The process was smooth. “We created it without ego,”

Thomas said in January 2023. “Just trying to make something cool that day. We made the beat and recorded the song on the same day, over a year ago.”

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