Sister Wives: Is Robyn Trying To Become Kody’s Only Monogamous Wife?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Trying To Become Kody’s Only Monogamous Wife?

Fans are wondering if Robyn Brown is plotting to become Kody Brown’s exclusive monogamous wife, causing contrasts between Kody Brown and his other three wives. She is Kody’s only wife who seems to get the best version of him. Robyn came on the scene when Sister Wives aired on TLC, during a tumultuous time for the Browns. They were under investigation under Utah’s strict anti-polygamy laws, so they fled the state practically overnight and headed to Las Vegas.

Once in Las Vegas, the wives ended up living in separate houses, albeit within the same cul-de-sac. This was the beginning of a long period of separation within the family. Living in separate homes allowed the wives to get used to being alone with Kody Brown and, in turn, they became more demanding of his time.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Trying To Become Kody’s Only Monogamous Wife?

As Robyn Brown was the newest and youngest wife with the most children still at home, naturally, Kody Brown spent more time at Robyn Brown’s house, sparking resentment among the other wives. Meri, Janelle, and Christine had finished having children with Kody Brown and most of their children were nearing their teens and adulthood.

Fast forward to the Browns’ living situation in Flagstaff, and again we see four completely separate families in four separate homes, further dividing the large family. This time, however, they do not share a cul-de-sac; their homes are five to fifteen miles apart.

We learn that the wives have never communicated or seen each other much, due to logistics, and honestly, why would they need to? Living apart for so long made the four of them appreciate their time alone.

Janelle Brown feels compelled to sit down and talk with Kody Brown, Meri, Christine, and Robyn Brown about the change in their family dynamic. When Janelle, Kody Brown’s second wife, invites him and the other three wives to lunch, they are all shocked when Janelle Brown asks them why they entered the “principle,” a term many polygamists use for plural marriage.

Janelle Brown replies that she did it because she loved the idea of family and group synergy with the goal of “overcome their crap” and learning not to be selfish. Meri says she got into the principle because she was raised in the culture, her father having taken his second wife when she was 11 years old.

Christine says she liked the example her grandmothers set, explaining that after their common husband died, her grandmothers stayed together, and she likes the sisterhood.

Robyn Brown’s response to Janelle Brown’s question about getting into the principle was that she liked how the family worked and that “the big family thing” was always nice for her. Kody Brown seems surprised to hear Robyn Brown’s answer and murmurs a quiet “Hmm,” with a puzzled look on his face. Kody Brown has recently hinted that he is struggling with plural marriage and has also mentioned that monogamy could have been much easier. He and Robyn Brown recently purchased a home together in Flagstaff. Christine is the only other wife who owns her home, with Meri and Janelle Brown both renting their properties.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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