Sister Wives: Christine Brown Discloses Her Jealousy Towards Other Wives

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Discloses Her Jealousy Towards Other Wives

The trailer for the new season of Sister Wives created a lot of drama before the premiere. But it turns out that the premiere has something even more interesting to offer fans. It was pretty clear that Christine Brown was jealous of her co-wives. But this time, the third wife openly admitted it. The fact that she was going around saying that she can no longer make the marriage with Kody Brown makes fans think that her relationship with him might even be over. After all, things didn’t look good for the couple!

Janelle Brown hosted a luncheon where she brought everyone together and asked them why they joined the principal. The message was that they had entered into a polygamous arrangement as a way to learn not to be selfish. He talked to everyone about feeling disconnected and Kody Brown ended up saying something really unexpected. As the wives began to explain why they opted to be part of the unconventional family unit, these thoughts were shocking, via People. Kody Brown no longer wants to be an advocate for polygamous marriages. He has been thinking the same and has been talking about it a lot with his friends lately. The Brown family patriarch added that now more than ever he is aware of the unfairness of their relationship. He stated that he always felt that his wives loved him. But Kody Brown recognized that it wasn’t a mutual feeling.

Kody Brown said he has all the love he wants. But he also wants to give that love to his wives. Considering that he realizes how hard it is for all of them, he wonders if he would do the same thing again. He doesn’t like the idea of his wives being in such a situation because of his leadership. Kody Brown cherishes the idea of being in a plural marriage out of love and choosing to build a family unit together.

Christine Brown opened up about how uncomfortable she was with Kody Brown always having his phone in his hand. She also said that his visits can sometimes disrupt their family’s schedule. As for the phone issue, Kody stated in no uncertain terms that he does not have a phone addiction. In fact, when he is on the phone, it is because he does not really want to engage.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Discloses Her Jealousy Towards Other Wives

Christine Brown finally admitted what fans around the world have been speculating. In an impassive tone, Christine Brown said that she is still jealous. The third wife went on to apologize and stressed how super jealous she is and how sorry she is. She also admitted that jealousy makes it harder to be together.

She has a strong personality and finds it hard to find a balance between showing off her strengths and not being a bitch. But in the end, she said they should keep doing what they are doing and stated that there are many polygamous families like this one.

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