Sister Wives: Janelle Needs A New Place To Stay

Sister Wives: Janelle Needs A New Place To Stay

Janelle Brown, of Sister Wives fame, is still living in a modest rental apartment in Flagstaff. Sadly, the owner has put it up for sale. Robyn Brown and Christine Brown bought a home there, and fans saw the Sea move into the mansion.

Well, they all own part of the Coyote Pass stand, which they bought in 2018 for $820,000. However, it seems they never started building homes there. Well, one TLC fan came up with the idea of a temporary home, but is it practical?

Sister Wives: Janelle Needs A New Place To Stay

TLC fans know that if the house goes on the market, it could find a buyer within days. Or it could be months, maybe years, before someone buys it. Of course, this always makes the tenant feel a little insecure and vulnerable.

So it’s likely that Kody Brown’s second wife will now turn to moving home again. Certainly the hassle of moving doesn’t seem to be offset by the excitement of moving into her very own house in Coyote Pass.

Several channels are reporting that no development has yet started on the land, so Janelle will not be able to move there. The long delay was apparently caused by a coronavirus and financial difficulties.

In fact, when fans first saw them looking at the land, the sibling family seemed so excited. Since then, several more seasons of the TLC series came and went. And no, they still never resolved the issues between building one big house or four homes.

On Thursday 27 May, Janelle shared a clip featuring a 360 view of their Coyote Pass property. Well, some fans think that Kody Brown moves with his family so often that the view is all he can ever enjoy of it.

Apparently they’re looking forward to another move from Arizona. At the same time, others feel so sorry for him because he used to have a lovely home in Las Vegas.

One fan came up with an idea that sounds perfect for Janelle Brown. They commented, “I would get a mobile home and put it out there until I could afford to build. Beautiful!” Some fans agreed that it sounded like a good idea. However, another fan who did it once noted that it worked for them.

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