Sister Wives Fans heard That Janelle Needs To Move Out

Sister Wives Fans heard That Janelle Needs To Move Out

Sister Wives fans generally like Janelle Brown, judging by her social media followers, so some fans may be scratching their heads wondering if she’s a “disgusting hoarder”. Well, fans saw one outlet describe her as an “Unbelievably Disgusting Hoarder From Hell”. So we investigated to see if he’s really that bad.

Sister Wives Fans heard That Janelle Needs To Move Out

Last week, TLC fans learned that the rental apartment where Kody Brown’s second wife lives went up for sale. Unlike Robyn Brown, she lives in a house that doesn’t belong to her and Kody Brown. Apparently she is waiting for her new home to be built on the Coyote Pass Property they bought.

However, nothing has happened yet, probably due to financial constraints and the coronavirus. Recall that it took a long time to sell their original home in Las Vegas, one season showed that the family struggled with their budget. Sister Wives star Janelle seems to be a homebody, as she often shares about her herbs and vegetables and the movies she watches. So it is perhaps hard to imagine her being a ‘disgusting’ tenant or hoarder.

The home where Sister Wives star Janelle Brown lives is for sale on The owners are asking $699,000 for the home, which was built in 1957. So it’s by no means a new house. True, if you look at the photos of the home, it looks lived in. TLC fans know that Gabriel and his older brother Garrison currently live there. In addition, Kody Brown lives there from time to time and Savanah still lives at home with her mother.

Quite often, fans hear that another one of Janelle’s Sister Wives kids used to crash there. Is it unreasonable, then, to have extra blankets and containers piled around the house? Obviously the place looks clean, and if not overly tidy, it is for young men and teenagers.

While it seems obvious that they haven’t perfected the image of the place for marketing purposes, fans might think that the piles of boxes suggest that he’s getting ready to pack up and leave again.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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