Sister Wives: What’s In The Future For The Family?

Sister Wives: What’s In The Future For The Family?

Janelle Brown’s property in Flagstaff is up for sale. It has raised questions about her lifestyle, especially when some of the pictures show the state of the five-bedroom house. Brown’s house went on the market for almost $700 000.

As we reported, Janelle is simply renting the house out. Just because it’s on the market doesn’t necessarily mean the family is moving in right away. It does look like she’ll have to find a new place to live. The family includes Kody Brown and his wives Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown, who live separately. COVID made these arrangements a little more chaotic. The plan is for them all to build homes next to each other on the Coyote Pass property. Relationships have been put to the test a lot this year with the pandemic and the tabloo.

According to All About The Tea, the photos of his home were not staged. They show a slightly cluttered room, which makes some people wonder if he has collecting tendencies. One of the pictures of Janelle Brown’s home showed a bookshelf with a jumble of papers and lots of clothes. She lives in her home with her three children, Garrison, Gabe and Savanah. It really seems that they just don’t care too much about being perfect. A dirty house doesn’t automatically mean Janelle Brown is a hoarder. Many people only have an idea of what hoarders do from the show “Hoarders”. These are mostly extreme cases. Homes are uninhabitable and full of stuff. Many of them are not clean and infested with vermin. Hoarding can look like this or like not wanting to get rid of personal belongings because they are associated with memories. It is often linked to mental health and can sometimes be linked to past trauma.

According to In Touch, the tweet was in response to fans who claimed Janelle Brown had to force Kody Brown to say she loved him. She said it was untrue. Kody Brown tells her he loves her more than she loves him.

Sister Wives: What’s In The Future For The Family?

Janelle is finally planning to move into the house Kody is building for her and her children on their plot. Allegedly, the pandemic slowed down the construction of their house for the family in Arizona. Kody bought the land in 2018. He hasn’t started building homes.

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