Does Kody Offer Any Benefits To His Sister Wives?

Does Kody Offer Any Benefits To His Sister Wives?

Sister Wives fans are furious with Kody Brown because he still hasn’t gotten started on his $820,000 plot of land. Janelle Brown shared a picture of the sprawling land on Instagram. Fans pointed out that she has to leave her rental apartment because it is now for sale. How could Kody allow this when he has all this amazing land?

Does Kody Offer Any Benefits To His Sister Wives

52-year-old Kody bought the scattered property back in 2018, but since then nothing has been done to develop the property. Now, three years later, fans are furious with Kody. They comment on Instagram that buying the property was a “waste of money”.

Even though the land is beautiful, with beautiful mountain scenery, fans were not impressed with the view. One commented, “Still no house?”. Another wrote: “None of them are there? What a waste of money.” One enthusiastic fan remarked that all women should want to live the life they are meant to.

Janelle Brown’s video post comes after Kody’s second wife was forced to move out of their $699 000 rented home. It turns out the ranch house she’s been renting has once again been put on the market.

The property has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a kitchen with wood cabinets and an island. Janelle has been living in the house with her three children, Garrison, Gabe and Savanah.

After many disagreements between Kody and his four wives, he has yet to start building on the enormously expensive plot. Kody, Meri, Janelle Brown, Christine and Robyn struggle to maintain their polygamous lifestyle in four separate homes. Some of the wives, however, disagree that everyone should share a single home on the new plots. Janelle has said that the alienated family dynamic worries her. Meanwhile, Robyn says they behave like four separate families. Christine, for her part, prefers her privacy.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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