Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Janelle Brown Hard To Control?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Janelle Brown Hard To Control?

Sister Wives fans have seen Kody Brown’s questionable decisions throughout previous seasons, especially last season. But Kody isn’t the only one who has raised eyebrows throughout her show. Apparently, Kody’s four wives have also done rebellious acts in the past. It’s no secret that Kody and his wives adhere to strict religious beliefs.

However, it seems that Kody’s wives also have no choice but to make bad decisions. Meanwhile, fans think the multifamily’s endless problems will put an end to their long-running series.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Janelle Brown Hard To Control?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown became a hot topic after her catfishing scandal came to light in 2015. It’s believed to have been one of the first rebellions among Kody’s Wives. Apparently, Meri decided to cheat on her husband after Kodystopped showing interest and love for Meri.

Furthermore, Meri’s bed and breakfast in Utah was also one of the roots of her rebellion against Kody’s decisions. Apparently, Kody did not approve of Meri starting her own B&B business in Utah. Meri, however, insisted that she run it all by herself, without the help of Kody and the other Wives.

On the other hand, Janelle Brown is known as one of Kody Brown’s toughest wives. Last season, Janelle refused to keep her children at home during the Covid-19 outbreak. Instead, she simply told Kody to stay away from her family because her children were exposed to the public.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is known as one of Kody’s most jealous wives. Apparently it all started when Robyn Brown joined the family. According to Christine, she was annoyed that Kody chose a wedding dress for Robyn Brown that she didn’t make for him. The last season also showed that Christine is very sensitive about Kody. She even told the cameras that she can’t marry Kody anymore.

Meanwhile, Robyn Brown has been dubbed Kody’s ‘favourite wife’ for years. However, Robyn Brown doesn’t seem to have much of a grudge against Kody, although there are rumors that claim she forces Kody to be with her more than other wives.

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