Sister Wives Viewers Slam Robyn For ‘Fake’ Crying

Sister Wives Viewers Slam Robyn For ‘Fake’ Crying

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has been one of Kody Brown’s most controversial spouses in recent years. Apparently, Robyn has been notorious for her manipulative actions. Some even think that her manipulative behaviour has become even more apparent in season 17. Some believe that it is clear that Robyn wants to gain power over other wives.

Fans also think that she has done everything in her power to make Kody Brown stay with her and neglect the other women. Meanwhile, fans have become increasingly angry at Robyn Brown’s behaviour in season 17. Others also pointed out his “fake crying” throughout the season.

Sister Wives Viewers Slam Robyn For ‘Fake’ Crying

Sister Wives fans on Reddit are calling out Robyn Brown for her “fake crying” throughout season 17. To some, it seems that deep down Robyn is happy that some women are starting to leave. Others agree and say that Robyn doesn’t really seem to care about Christine Brown’s departure. Robyn herself even stated that she is aware that Christine Brown is packing up her belongings, but she is unaware that it is her decision to move back to Utah.

Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn have irritated many fans in recent years. According to some, their unfair relationship has come to the fore more and more recently. Apart from the show, the two have often been seen travelling without other women. Kody and Robyn have even been spotted dancing at a bar in the middle of a multi-family feud in Flagstaff.

As of now, Kody Brown and Robyn Brown have yet to speak out about their abusive relationship. However, fans are glad that Christine Brown outed them in season 17. Christine even revealed that other women are aware of Kody’s favoritism, and some think that it encourages other women to follow in Christine’s footsteps.

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