Sister Wives: What Does Christine Brown’s New Life Look Like Post Kody Brown?

Sister Wives: What Does Christine Brown’s New Life Look Like Post Kody Brown?

Despite the upheavals that have been exposed within the family dynamic, Christine Brown is enjoying her new life outside of the chaos. The explosive first half of the season finale will air tonight on TLC, but this longtime reality personality isn’t letting the drama bother her. The 49-year-old mom of 6 is loving the experience of being herself and is sharing her healing journey on Instagram with her followers.

Early Sunday, Christine Brown shared a heartfelt post on Instagram. The reality star shared a photo of a beautiful moment she shared with her granddaughter, Avalon. Now just under 11 months old, the super-cute baby is sitting on his grandmother’s lap. Her big blue eyes look at the camera as she fiddles with a stuffed cat.

As Christine Brown interacts with baby Avalon, a huge, genuine smile breaks out on her face. Kody Brown’s ex-wife looks absolutely in love with her daughter’s baby. Fans immediately noticed how absolutely peaceful and happy she seems to be.

Through season 16, we got an up-close and personal look at some of the major fractures in the couple’s relationship. Some of these rifts go back to the past. Some were created by the world of Covid-19 – and some were only exacerbated by it.

Tonight’s episode reveals that the couple is now officially “divorced.” At the time the show was filmed – there were still a lot of heated feelings on all sides. Christine Brown reveals why she chose to leave, how she felt about the other Sister Wives, and why staying in the folds of the family dynamic was no longer enough for her.

Fans who saw the first part of the finale found it easy to empathize with Christine. Her emotions are very raw during her interview. It’s easy to see how heartbroken she was at the thought of being emotionally and physically abandoned by the man she gave more than 25 years of her life to.

Sister Wives: What Does Christine Brown’s New Life Look Like Post Kody Brown?

As with most reality shows, the content of the current episodes was shot quite some time ago. Christine and Kody Brown have been “divorced” for quite some time now. The separation process is fairly simple compared to a traditional marriage. Aside from the custody issue, there is nothing that legally binds the two together. Christine Brown has her own income, both from being on the show and from her job as a Lularoe dealer. She chose to leave her home in Arizona after the separation. The TLC star and her youngest daughter, Truely, have moved back to Utah and are living in a cute duplex apartment.

While Christine Brown was obviously very sad about the end of her marriage, she doesn’t seem to let the sadness stop her from living. In the first part of the finale, she reveals that she feels polygamy is no longer “for her.” After giving the plural marriage 28 years of her life, and having it end in a way that made her feel like a disposable commodity, Christine is now making choices with a different mindset. Since separating from Kody Brown, she has expressed her desire to do what is best for her and her children. Christine also alluded to the fact that the decisions she makes will be based on their needs and happiness.

Surely, after spending so much time within the family unit, there are still ties to the family. She has, however, made it very clear that her relationship with Kody is nothing and that she is doing her best to move past it in a way that is healthy for her and her children.

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