Surprise Coronation: Tom Wambsgans Ascends to the Throne in Succession’s Finale

Surprise Coronation: Tom Wambsgans Ascends to the Throne in Succession's Finale

Unravel the unexpected plot twist in Succession’s finale as the underdog, Tom Wambsgans, outshines the Roy children to take the CEO spot. Discover the motivations behind the surprising power play

Once considered a “striver” with Midwestern roots, Tom Wambsgans, brilliantly portrayed by Emmy winner Matthew Macfadyen, has proved his detractors wrong. In a shock twist in the series finale of HBO’s critically acclaimed show, “Succession,” it’s Tom who fills the void left by Logan Roy’s death and takes the reins of Waystar Royco. What makes this victory even more delightful? He outmaneuvers the Roy children – Kendall, Shiv, and Roman – who, despite their relentless attempts, fail to clinch the coveted CEO spot.

The ascension of Tom Wambsgans to the CEO’s chair was unexpected, to say the least. It wasn’t just his competition with the Roy children; the takeover by GoJo and its enigmatic leader Lukas Matsson further complicated matters. While Tom has often been overlooked, this momentous achievement marks a significant shift in his journey, reinforcing the age-old adage that it’s the dark horses who often gallop to victory.

Shiv’s Unexpected Decision – Strategy or Spite?

Shiv’s role in Tom’s rise is a point of intrigue. Initially promised the CEO position by Matsson, she instead finds herself casting the tie-breaking vote that allows Tom to clinch the top spot. Did she intentionally propel Tom to the helm, or was it a spontaneous reaction driven by disdain for her brother Kendall? Macfadyen suggests the latter, indicating that Shiv’s decision may have been more about her contempt for Kendall than her support for Tom.

A Deep Dive into Tom’s Relationship with Cousin Greg

And who could forget the charmingly clumsy Cousin Greg? Despite Greg’s actions during Tom’s ‘coronation’, Macfadyen believes Tom Wambsgans harbors a form of admiration for Greg. Their shared experiences as outsiders in the Roy empire, their shared secrets, and their camaraderie hint at a unique bond, one that, in Macfadyen’s words, resembles a “demented mentor” relationship.

Written by Sarah Milner

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