Tammy Slaton’s Astonishing Weight Loss: Too Much Too Fast?

Tammy Slaton's Astonishing Weight Loss: Too Much Too Fast?

Since the 2020 premiere of 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton has made remarkable progress in her weight-loss journey. Initially weighing 680 pounds, Tammy’s weight climbed to 725 pounds by season 3. A severe health scare and a medically-induced coma became the turning point for Tammy, leading her to take her weight loss seriously.

Tammy checked herself into a weight-loss rehabilitation facility, focusing on diet, exercise, bariatric psychotherapy, and eventually undergoing bariatric surgery in July 2022. Her dedication paid off, as she has since lost 440 pounds in less than two years. However, the rapid pace of her weight loss raises concerns.

Tammy Looks Slimmer Than Ever

In April, Tammy Slaton shared a TikTok video showing her dramatically slimmed-down figure. Wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, Tammy’s pronounced collarbones and slimmer appearance are evident. While her weight loss is commendable, the speed at which she is shedding pounds is worth questioning.

On a positive note, Tammy’s mobility and independence have significantly improved. Previously, leaving the house required a wheelchair, ramp, walker, specialty van, and an oxygen tank. Now, she can move around more freely and enjoys her regained independence.

Riding in Normal Car Seats

Recently, Tammy Slaton posted a TikTok of herself sitting in a regular car seat, a symbolic milestone. For the first four seasons, she had to be driven around in the back of a minivan with the center seats removed. Tammy no longer needs a wheelchair or oxygen, and she can now sit comfortably in a normal car seat without a belt extender.

Concerns About Aggressive Dieting

In April 2024, Tammy posted a selfie on Instagram, looking thinner than ever. Her narrow shoulders and skinny neck sparked concerns about the speed of her weight loss. Excess skin, a common side effect of rapid weight loss, adds to these concerns. Tammy has expressed a desire for cosmetic surgery to remove the excess skin, but the cost is a significant barrier.

Tammy’s weight loss is undoubtedly a victory over obesity, but it’s crucial to ensure she is losing weight healthily. Fans and supporters hope she is not pushing herself too hard and that her impressive transformation continues positively.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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