Tammy’s Failed To Meet Her Weight Loss Goals In 1000-lb Sisters.

Tammy's Failed To Meet Her Weight Loss Goals In 1000-lb Sisters.

Amy Slaton and her sister Tammy Slaton have both faced daunting challenges throughout their weight-loss journey at 1000-lb Sisters, and some fans claim that Amy has contributed to her sister’s health problems.

Amy Slaton has struggled to grow independent from Tammy as the sibling pair have become dependent on each other since their difficult childhood. From acting as Tammy’s carer to denying her sister responsibility for her actions, viewers of 1000-lb Sisters believe Amy supports Tammy’s unhealthy lifestyle.

Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton parted ways when the duo of sisters made varying degrees of progress in their weight-loss endeavours. On the positive side, Amy Slaton managed to lose enough in Season 1 to qualify for bariatric surgery.

Unfortunately, Tammy has not been able to match her sister’s success. After failing to meet her weight loss requirements, 1000-lb Sisters fans were hoping Tammy would make new progress in Season 2 with the help of her brother Chris Combs.

Unfortunately, neither Tammy nor Chris were fruitful in their ambitious goals to lose weight. In fact, Tammy gained weight throughout her journey in the previous chapter. Now, with season three in full swing, viewers are critical of the factors that have prevented Tammy from qualifying for bariatric surgery.

Tammy’s Failed To Meet Her Weight Loss Goals In 1000-lb Sisters.

One popular theory among fans of the 1000-lb Sisters accuses Amy Slaton of failing to make significant progress on her journey towards a life-saving weight-loss operation. Typically, fans praise Amy for putting up with her temperamental sister and being there for Tammy as she fights for her life. Lately, however, many viewers agree that Amy allows Tammy Slaton to shirk her weight-loss responsibilities.

While some viewers praise Amy Slaton for being such a caring younger sister, others argue that Amy has been overprotective and is now to blame for Tammy’s inability to fight for her life. From buying her sister unhealthy foods to allowing Tammy to leave rehab prematurely, viewers think Amy needs to establish some boundaries with her sister to save Tammy’s well-being. For better or worse, Amy and Tammy Slaton are poised to grow apart throughout the 1000-lb Sisters’s third season.

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