The Circle: What is Raven’s Relationship Status Now?

The Circle: What is Raven’s Relationship Status Now?

Netflix reality show “The Circle” has never been a straight dating show. However, that hasn’t stopped the players from building what they consider romantic relationships with each other. Usually, these bonds are between player and mate, so nothing really comes of them. But in season five, Marvin and Raven have a real romantic bond.

Season 5 will be advertised as a season full of lone players, whether or not these “single” are actually available. And while we’re getting flirtation from a number of players, what Raven and Marvin are building seems quite special. And fans now want to know if it extends beyond the walls of their Circle apartments.

The Circle: What is Raven’s Relationship Status Now?

Fans who are up to date on The Circle and have seen season 5 so far know how far Raven and Marvin have come. But, sadly, they also know how far the next couple has fallen. After a newcomer came on The Circle, Marvin expressed interest in him and he became a man of two women. Because of this, Raven explains on the show, she doesn’t know if she can trust him.

And judging by their Instagram activity after filming, it doesn’t look like Marvin and Raven had what it took to bring their Circle romance into the real world. In a previous interview with Distractify, Season 5 co-star Chaz shared that they were filming in the summer of 2021. And in May 2022, Marvin shared a video montage on Instagram that clearly shows a woman in his bedroom in the background.

For fans who still love Raven and Marvin as a couple, it doesn’t look like this mysterious woman is our blue-haired heroine from The Ring. It’s not clear who this woman is or if she and Marvin are now together. Still, it doesn’t seem like Marvin and Raven are together, even if their showmance on The Circle starts off right.

On the other hand, we also know that Marvin isn’t dating anyone else from the show. Newcomer Tamira, who he’s also in love with, is actually a woman named Tasia, who is a 22-year-old cosmetologist with a kitten. So it looks like Marvin will leave the series as single as he was at the start of filming.

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