The Fantasy K-Drama Alchemy of Souls Won’t Have a Season 3: Here’s Why

The Fantasy K-Drama Alchemy of Souls Won't Have a Season 3: Here's Why

Fans of Alchemy of Souls, the hit K-drama produced by tvN and Netflix, will be disappointed to learn that a third season is unlikely to happen. The series, written by the Hong Sisters, has been a fan favorite, but it was always planned to have only two parts. The second half of the show concluded with a satisfactory ending that tied up loose ends, making it difficult to create another season.

Alchemy of Souls Synopsis

The show’s storyline revolves around Jang Uk, played by Lee Jae-wook, in a magical world called Daeho. The world is inhabited by mages who have the power to harness the magic of the lake. Jang Uk’s father, a powerful mage of Songrim, seals his son’s gate of power, which makes him angry and resentful. Jang Uk searches for the right master and comes across Nak-su, a feared mage assassin who has transferred her soul to a woman named Mu-deok.

Jang Uk and Nak-su embark on a journey of master and pupil as Nak-su looks to regain her powers. Along the way, they face evil forces and fall in love. In the second half of the show, a new female lead is introduced, and the story continues to unfold.

Why There Won’t Be a Season 3

One of the key reasons why there won’t be a third season of Alchemy of Souls is that the second half of the show ties up loose ends satisfactorily. Nak-su regains her powers, Jang Uk falls in love all over again with his true love, and they become a fighting duo traveling across Daeho to kill the remaining rogue souls. All the characters have moved on and even had children. There is no greater big bad to cling to anymore, making it difficult to create another season.

Cast Members Share Their Experience

Although fans are disappointed that there won’t be a third season, the cast members of Alchemy of Souls have enjoyed their time on the show. Lee Jae-wook found difficulty in portraying Jang Uk three years later in Alchemy of Souls Season 2 but relished what the K-drama taught him about himself as an actor. For Shin Seung-ho, the show was a stepping stone to growth.

Hwang Minhyun, who played a major intense leading role in the show, enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about acting. The cast is eager to work together again, as Lee Jae-wook confessed he would love to work with Go Youn-jung again in a new romance K-drama.

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