The Harsh Reality of Treating Sagging Jowls – Unveiling Dermatologist-Backed Tips

The Harsh Reality of Treating Sagging Jowls - Unveiling Dermatologist-Backed Tips

In the journey to maintain youthful, radiant skin, sagging jowls prove to be a stubborn obstacle even for skincare aficionados. While issues like acne, dark spots, and skin redness have their arsenal of effective treatments, sagging jowls are a trickier beast to tame. Dr. Shereene Idriss, a renowned dermatologist, recently shared her expert advice on treating sagging skin around the jawline. Here’s what you need to know.

Daily Rituals: Forget Jade Rollers, Go for Simple Techniques

Dr. Idriss starts with a reality check: those daily facial massages and jade rollers might feel great, but they aren’t going to miraculously tighten sagging jowls. However, daily massages can alleviate lymphatic buildup, making your face look less heavy. The dermatologist suggests using a cold spoon for a morning lift—easy, effective, and economical.

Considering a step up? Microcurrent devices like NuFace can make a visible difference but require consistent use. Stop the treatment, and you lose the effect.

Be Cautious: Avoid Trends That Could Backfire

Before you book any in-office treatments, Dr. Idriss strongly advises against a currently popular procedure: buccal fat removal. Contrary to the Insta-hype, this treatment might accelerate aging. Why? Removing buccal fat from your lower cheeks when you’re in your twenties or thirties can result in your jowls appearing worse over time, especially as your face naturally loses volume with age.

Tailored Treatment: Multi-Focal Approaches Yield the Best Results

If you’re experiencing volume loss in your face, fillers can be your best friend—but only when done right. Dr. Idriss recommends not to inject the filler directly into the problematic area. Instead, fillers should be used in adjacent areas to create an illusion of lift.

Not every filler is created equal. Some, like Sculptra, are more suited for volume loss. Ultrasound-based treatments like Ultherapy can address skin laxity without melting facial fat. However, it’s crucial to consult a skilled dermatologist for these treatments to avoid mishaps.

Threads? Dr. Idriss isn’t a fan. They may provide temporary firmness but induce scar tissue in the face, which could lead to long-term issues.

When it comes to the ultimate solution—a facelift—Dr. Idriss offers a sobering perspective. Even the most skillfully executed facelifts have their limitations, particularly when it comes to jowls.

So, when dealing with sagging jowls, being realistic is key. While in-home and in-office treatments exist, it’s crucial to understand what they can and can’t achieve. Navigating the world of sagging jowl treatments may be challenging, but with expert advice, the journey becomes a bit easier.

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