The Untold Truth About Chip and Joanna Gaines – A Closer Look at the Fixer Upper Stars

The Untold Truth About Chip and Joanna Gaines - A Closer Look at the Fixer Upper Stars

Chip and Joanna Gaines have become the beloved faces of home renovation reality TV, with their popular Fixer Upper series and spinoffs. Their wholesome image and family life have made them darlings of the makeover genre. However, not everything might be as it seems. Recent rumblings from locals in their hometown of Waco, Texas, have raised eyebrows about the couple’s impact on the community and the quality of their renovations.

The Gaineses: A Mixed Blessing for Waco

Chip and Joanna Gaines started their company, Magnolia, in 2003, based in Waco, Texas. While they were not born or raised there, they have been credited with revitalizing parts of the city and improving the local real estate market through their designs and renovations.

On the flip side, some Waco residents argue that the couple’s success has inflated the local housing market, making it difficult for long-time residents to afford homes in the area. This has led to a mixed reception for the Gaineses in their community, with some praising them for their work and others accusing them of causing gentrification.

Renovation Controversies: Are the Gaineses Really That Good?

Many people who claim to live in Waco have shared their experiences with Chip and Joanna’s renovations, and not all of them are glowing reviews. One commenter called the couple a “scam,” stating that their spouse, a framing carpenter, was appalled by some of their remodels.

Another person shared their friends’ experience with a Chip-and-Jo-renovated home, which they backed out of due to substandard wiring that wouldn’t pass FHA loan inspection. The person claimed that Chip Gaines reacted angrily, yelling at the couple for not using their preferred inspector. The eventual buyers of the house reportedly had to move out due to high lead levels and expensive lead abatement costs.

The Real Chip and Joanna Gaines: Are They as Nice as They Seem?

Apart from renovation issues, some locals have claimed that Chip and Joanna are not pleasant to interact with in person. Stories have surfaced of Joanna being rude at their Magnolia restaurant and acting snobbish in town, while others have accused Chip of using legal means to avoid doing what they consider the right thing in business dealings.

The Waco Divide: How the Gaineses Impact the Community

Many Waco residents have shared their thoughts on the Gaineses, with opinions on their impact on the city varying widely. Some commenters claim that the majority of the city is unhappy with the couple, stating that they were rude and untrustworthy even before they became famous. They’ve also been accused of causing long payment delays for local vendors and creating homes with significant issues.

Others have lamented the rising cost of living in Waco since Magnolia’s takeover, blaming the Gaineses for pushing out long-time residents and attempting to “get rid of” the Salvation Army. Critics have referred to the situation as “gentrification” at its finest.

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