They Don’t Call Her Lady Gaga For Nothing.

They Don’t Call Her Lady Gaga For Nothing.

Lady Gaga is soaking up the essence of summer in her latest Instagram pictures. In a bright pink bucket hat with a matching top and shorts, Lady Gaga was every bit a summer dream.

The singer looked fresh and fun in her strawberry embellished ensemble, with a button-down shirt open to reveal a white bandeau bra and plenty of tanned skin. A long gold chain hung low to her navel, while a narrower gold choker adorned her neck. Large, heavy-looking gold rings dangled from her ears, playing perfectly with the other jewellery.

In the first photo, Lady Gaga showed herself full-length, then in the second and third photos, she moved closer to show off her flawless complexion.

Her smoky eyelids were nicely accentuated with thick eyeliner and extra-long lashes, while her lips glistened with a rosy sheen.

They Don’t Call Her Lady Gaga For Nothing.

Lady Gaga wrapped filming House of Gucci in May after about four months of filming in Italy; unfortunately, her time away from the United States was not without its problems. Shortly after Lady Gaga arrived in Rome to begin work on the film, she was attacked by Ryan Fischer Gaga, who was walking his dog, while walking three prized French bulldogs.

She was approached unsuspectingly while walking the dogs in LA and then shot at close range while the attackers fled with the two dogs. One of the dogs managed to escape and stayed beside Fischer, comforting him until help arrived.

At the time, Lady Gaga offered a hefty $500,000 prize to the man who could retrieve the dogs unharmed. When a suspected Good Samaritan turned up at the local police station with the puppies, the police advised Gaga to wait until she was fully exonerated of any involvement in the abduction before paying the reward.

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