Unlock Anti-Aging Secrets – Makeup Artists Reveal Game-Changing Mascara & Blush Techniques After 40!

Unlock Anti-Aging Secrets - Makeup Artists Reveal Game-Changing Mascara & Blush Techniques After 40!

Today’s topic is the goldmine for anyone who’s ever Googled “how to look younger with makeup.” Surgical facelifts are not just expensive; they are inaccessible for many. But worry not! We’ve consulted some of the beauty industry’s leading makeup artists to spill the beans on how to look decades younger, and all it takes is a mascara wand and a swipe of blush! Keep reading to unlock secrets from Natasha Moor and Margina Dennis, beauty wizards who know a thing or two about anti-aging aesthetics.

Lift Your Eyes to The Sky: The Mascara Magic You Never Knew You Needed

Natasha Moor, the genius behind Natasha Moor Cosmetics, has a mascara trick that’s a real eye-opener, literally. After curling your lashes, Moor insists that you should look down and apply mascara as close to your waterline as possible. “Wiggle the wand and lift. Repeat,” she says. The devil is in the details, and the wand you pick plays a pivotal role here. Natasha advises using a slightly tapered wand to lift the lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eyes. This technique chisels your face and gives it a lifted aura.

But that’s not where the magic ends. If you’re a veteran lash-curler or planning to become one, Margina Dennis, the celebrity makeup artist, has a nugget of wisdom for you. Firstly, choose a waterproof mascara for a smudge-free look. “The worst enemy of a youthful look is mascara running into your wrinkles,” she warns. The hack? Heat your eyelash curlers before using them. This ensures that your curl stays in place and minimizes the risk of mascara transferring onto your skin. A quick blast from your blow dryer onto the metal curler works like a charm. However, patience is key; wait for the lashes to cool down before applying mascara.

Swipe Right for Youth: Why Cream Blush Is Your New Best Friend After 40

Margina Dennis, the pro who’s made celebrities look their youthful best, is back with another tip: switch to cream blush. “Powder and shimmer formulas can highlight those wrinkles you’re trying to disguise,” she cautions. Opt for cream or liquid formulas that come in youthful colors like rose, cool peach, coral, terracotta, and soft reds.

But how to apply it for that eternally youthful glow? Dennis has a foolproof method. “Apply your cream blush of choice onto your cheekbone and blend upwards and back towards your ears,” she says. This lifting technique blends the blush in a way that subtly pulls your face upwards, making you look more youthful. Dennis adds, “The key here is to avoid shimmery formulas as they can magnify skin texture and wrinkles.” Stick to matte creams for a smoother finish.

The good news? Today’s market is flooded with options that fit the bill. Brands like Fenty Beauty and NARS offer a great range of cream blushes designed to give you that youthful flush. So, the next time you’re updating your beauty bag, make sure to add a cream blush that complements your skin tone.

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