What Are The Totals Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’s Wives Have Been Spending?

What Are The Totals Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’s Wives Have Been Spending?

It’s no secret that RHOBH cast have invested heavily in their appearance. But how much money have each of these women spent over the years to achieve what they consider their perfect look?

We know that money doesn’t seem to be an issue for most of the women of Beverly Hills. They seem to have no limits when it comes to buying the best of everything in terms of houses, designer clothes, expensive holidays and plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Ekrem Keskin of the Vera Clinic knows, according to The Sun. The good doctor has taken the time to dissect every Beverly Hills woman one by one, revealing what he believes is a fairly accurate estimate of how much money the women have reportedly spent over the years.

So here’s the breakdown from the bottom up. However, as the three women claim to be completely natural, which means that they do not recognise any cosmetic surgery, they are initially excluded from the list. These women are Sutton Stracke, Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Minkoff. According to Dr. Keskin, Dorit Kemsley is at the bottom of the list. This will come as quite a surprise to most fans, who find that Dorit at times seems to be the most obsessed with her looks.

Dorit reveals that her closet always has to have the namesake labels of a single designer. Her admission that she loves the finer things in life may be one of the reasons why Dorit’s home was recently robbed, according to Bravo fans. As for plastic surgery, Dorit admits that over the years, she has had several botox and filler procedures, and according to Keskin, a breast augmentation estimated to total $11,450.

What Are The Totals Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’s Wives Have Been Spending?

Next on the list is Erika Jayne, although due to her financial difficulties, there are unlikely to be too many expensive cuts and pruning for some time. Dr. Keskin estimates that Jayne has previously spent $18,925 on nose surgery and breast augmentation surgeries. Kathy Hilton may be the oldest and smartest of the Beverly Hills women, but that doesn’t mean she’s spent the most to maintain her looks. While Kathy doesn’t speak publicly about her beauty secrets or past surgeries, Keskin claims that it’s obvious to her trained eye that Kathy has had nose surgery, a facelift and Botox procedures. While he can’t confirm his speculation, he believes she has likely spent about $19,600.

Next up is Lisa Rinna. What can you say about Rinna that she doesn’t already “own”? Lisa is famous for her very pouty, full lips. She reveals that she only started doing lip fillers at the age of 24. Over the years, she has admitted to having had breast and lip reconstruction surgery. She also openly reveals that she loves botox and facial fillers so that Mother Nature can’t do too much to Lisa’s youthful appearance. Dr. Keskin estimates that Lisa Rinna has probably spent close to $22,000 to maintain her youthful glow.

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