1000-lb Best Friends: Meghan Crumpler And Vannessa Cross Meet With Dr. Connie

1,000-Lb. Best Friends: Meghan Crumpler And Vannessa Cross Meet With Dr. Connie

It’s the morning of the ladies’ last day in Florida on 1000-lb Best Friends, and Meghan Crumpler surprisingly wakes up without a hangover. However, Tina makes sure to give her friend a piece of her mind, noting that Meghan doesn’t have to overdo it with alcohol to have a good time.

She then tries to impart some wisdom, offering the advice that when negative voices arise in her head, she stifles them and replaces them with positive thoughts. While Meghan appreciates Tina’s guidance, she still struggles with her own insecurities.

Vannessa Cross goes out to get breakfast for her friends, bringing back a pile of eggs, bacon, and sausage. However, noticing that she has a visit with Dr. Procter coming up, Vannessa Cross sticks to a banana and yogurt, even though the disgust on her face is evident. After breakfast, Vannessa, Tina, and Meghan Crumpler get ready to head to the beach, leaving Ashely behind as she works and continues to focus on her diet.

While Tina soaps Meghan with sunscreen, Vannessa Cross steps out onto the deck to show off her yellow zebra bikini that struggles to cover her private areas. Her friends notice her confidence, though they fear her bikini might be ripped off by the ocean waves. Once all three are protected by sunscreen, they head for the beach. However, contrary to what they remembered, walking on the beach is a much more difficult challenge than they anticipated.

Finally fulfilling her years-long dream of walking along the beach, Meghan tries to subdue the voices in her head that attack her for being in a swimsuit on the beach. After some prodding and confidence from Vannessa and Tina, the three head into the water, getting knocked over by the waves and collapsing in a series of laughs. Surprisingly enough, Vannessa’s bikini retains its dignity.

1000-lb Best Friends: Meghan Crumpler And Vannessa Cross Meet With Dr. Connie

Back home, Meghan Crumpler And Vannessa Cross meet for lunch to discuss their upcoming high school reunion. It is apparent that Tina wants to go to the reunion more than Meghan Crumpler And Vannessa Cross who are apprehensive given their weight gain. Vannessa begins to dig into her school life, noting the significant amount of bullying she has faced. When the waitress comes to take their orders, Meghan asks for a lean chicken, while Vannessa, heedless of her diet, orders the cajun sampler “to start.” Noticing her friends’ wavering attitude, Meghan asks Vannessa to join her at Dr. Connie’s again.

At Dr. Connie’s house, Meghan begins to talk about her recent bout with alcohol in Florida. Dr. Connie says that addictions turn into other addictions the more we try to suppress addictive behaviors. She suggests Meghan channel her negative thoughts and emotions into words of affirmation and positive actions. “I refuse to abuse myself,” she has Meghan repeat, “I refuse to abuse myself.”

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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