’1000-lb Best Friends’: Meghan Crumpler’s Shocking Weight Loss Transformation

’1000 Lb Best Friends’: Meghan Crumpler’s Shocking Weight Loss Transformation

The key to boosting motivation is self-confidence. And former Too Large celebrity Meghan Crumpler has been working hard on this. In April, Meghan Crumpler began to show the results of her transformation journey.

Previously, she struggled with her weight and body image issues. So the journey wasn’t so easy for her. Now the 1000 Lb Best Friends star has taken to Instagram to share her drastic weight loss.

’1000-lb Best Friends’: Meghan Crumpler’s Shocking Weight Loss Transformation

Fans have been following Meghan Crumpler’s journey since the reality show Too Large. And since then, she’s been giving fans an update on her weight. Similarly, doctors warned her that weight gain won’t help her. And weight gain would put him in danger.

So the mother of one got annoyed and decided to work on herself. So Meghan continued to work on herself after her doctor’s visit and shared the result on her social media. Similarly, the 1000 Lb Best Friends star took to Instagram to share her progress.

Meghan’s split transformation is three years in the making. She shared a reel alongside her Before & After pictures. In the caption, Meghan wrote that she’s still a work in progress and has a long way to go. However, she has come so far with many obstacles and now she wants to celebrate her journey.

Crumpler also said that she is proud of herself and mentioned that a person can do anything once they set their mind to it. What’s more, fans commented that they are proud of Meghan and want her to do her best. Another commented that the 1000-lb Best Friends celebrity is a fabulous person and they are looking forward to the second season.

As much as fans love to see their celebrities succeed, Crumpler is not far behind. Over the past few years, the 43-year-old has made it a habit to share what she has learned with her viewers. She’s convinced she’s using her platform for the benefit and betterment of people like herself. So she used her platform to share a big Tik-Tok makeover on Instagram.

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