1000 Lb Best Friends: What’s Vanessa Cross’s Dark Past?

1000 Lb Best Friends: What’s Vanessa Cross’s Dark Past?

The cast of 1000 Lb. Best Friends may be on a weight loss journey, but they also have other issues that need to be addressed. Vanessa Cross is the first to reveal her deepest secrets.

Vannessa of 1000 Lb. Best Friends has become a fan favorite. Vannessa has a personality that is larger than life. Vannessa tends to tell it like it is and doesn’t apologize for it. Vannessa may be a big woman but she has the confidence that every woman would love to have.

However, no matter how comfortable Vannessa is with herself, she has inner struggles that are sabotaging her weight loss. Meghan Crumpler convinced Vannessa to attend therapy sessions with her. Vannessa said she doesn’t trust therapists. Recently, Vannessa revealed that she needs to talk about things she has done in her past. Vannessa says Meghan knows some of this information but not all of it.

1000 Lb Best Friends: What’s Vanessa Cross’s Dark Past?

1000 Lb. Best Friends Vannessa admits that there were times when she had no money to feed her children and that is why she became a s*x worker. Vannessa had two children at home and had no other way to feed herself or her children.

Of course, fans have seen Vannessa struggle to get food from the pantries to feed herself and her boys. It seems that Vannessa has become more financially stable since she was able to leave her sister’s home.

1000 Lb Best Friends Vannessa admits that she is still haunted by her past. Vannessa also revealed in a separate interview that it has been about eight years since she was forced to resort to s*x work for food. Vannessa admits, “That was an extremely dark time in my life.”

Now that Vannessa has opened up about her past, maybe she can work through things and move forward with her weight loss journey and be there for her children in the future. Hopefully, fans won’t judge Vannessa harshly for the choices she was forced to make.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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