1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton’s Condition Is Becoming Worse Day By Day.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton’s Condition Is Becoming Worse Day By Day.

Tammy Slaton is fighting for her life with a 1000-lb Sisters, and while she has lost weight before, the reality star recently lost 60 pounds.

In previous seasons of the Slaton Sisters series, fans have become frustrated with Tammy Slaton for failing to stick to her diet and putting her health at risk. From her weight loss to doctors’ concerns that she went home too early, here’s how Tammy’s stay in a food rehab facility led to losing 60 pounds.

When Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy Slaton chose to participate in 1000-lb Sisters, the couple vowed to turn their lives around by embarking on a weight loss journey. Both Tammy and Amy Slaton were experiencing health complications due to their food addiction, and the only way the siblings could get their lives back was through weight loss surgery.

However, in order to qualify for bariatric surgery, the Slaton sisters first had to lose the weight themselves. While Amy eventually succeeded with her diet and underwent gastric bypass surgery, Tammy Slaton never reached the weight needed to qualify for the operation. After two fruitless seasons, many fans of the 1000-lb Sisters have lost faith in Tammy’s ability to lose weight.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton’s Condition Is Becoming Worse Day By Day.

After years of failing to meet her weight loss goals, Tammy Slaton’s family and fans worried that the reality star might lose her life before qualifying for bariatric surgery. Tammy hit rock bottom after contracting COVID-19 and found she had gained 20 pounds.

Fortunately, the Slaton sister had herself admitted to a food addiction rehab center to make serious improvements in her long-running battle for weight loss. Last spring, Tammy stayed at a facility where she was put on a strict diet and under the supervision of weight loss professionals. Tammy entered the rehab center with the ambitious goal of losing 100 pounds by the end of her stay. After sticking to the low-calorie meals that Tammy’s facility doctors prepared for the entertainer for eight weeks, Tammy was down 60 pounds. While this was certainly a victory, Tammy’s doctors argued that she shouldn’t have celebrated so quickly.

Before Tammy checked herself into rehab, she was actively gaining weight, so it’s no small feat that the 1000-lb Sisters star has lost 60 pounds in eight weeks. Unfortunately, Tammy was unable to stay at the weight loss centre long enough to meet her original goal of losing 100 kilos.

While some fans praise Tammy’s effort, many continue to criticise the star for failing to fully commit to her weight loss goals.

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