90 Day Fiancé: Angela Deem To Have Skin Surgeries As Well

90 Day Fiancé: Angela Deem To Have Skin Surgeries As Well

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem shocked the world with her incredible weight loss just a few months ago. Fans were finally delighted to see her working on herself, as she said her size was causing her health problems. Although her husband was against it, Angie went ahead and had weight loss surgery, which helped her lose almost 100 kilos. Everyone was quite impressed with her new look, but it seems she went a little over the top. In fact, she seems to have developed some side effect from the surgery that is making her look ill.

Since she had the operation, Angela Deem says she feels happier. She has admitted in the past that she feels healthier in her new body and can breathe better than before. In addition, the weight loss has also helped her to gain more confidence and she no longer feels so insecure about herself.

However, keen to achieve her goal quickly, Angie had five procedures done on her body in one day. These include gastric sleeve surgery, breast reduction, among others. Well, she was a little sad that she lost a lot of her breasts. But, looking at the results on her health, Angela was quite pleased.

However, it seems Angela went a little overboard with her surgery. In March, when she first revealed her new look, Angela looked much thinner than before. However, she also looks quite healthy. On the other hand, her latest pictures on Instagram show that she has lost even more weight than before.

While the weight loss used to be almost 100 kilos, now it looks like a lot more. In fact, fans say that Angela looks poorly in his recent photos. While this shouldn’t have happened, some people are wondering if this excessive weight loss has had any side effects on Angie’s body.

On the other hand, some fans also think that this excessive weight loss could also be the result of Angela’s new routine. She recently revealed that she eats healthy food nowadays and avoids fast food. In addition to this, Angela also exercises and takes weight loss supplements, as she advocated on her Instagram.

So, it is possible that this is the reason why he has been losing more and more weight. However, fans want him to stop now because compared to his appearance in March this year, he now only looks sick and weak.

90 Day Fiancé: Angela Deem To Have Skin Surgeries As Well

Angela recently appeared with Dr Drew on his popular podcast. In the interview, she talked about many things related to her surgery, including her smoking problems. In addition to that, there was also this little conversation where Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Angela if she had skin surgery in addition to her weight loss surgery.

Angela revealed that she didn’t have skin tightening surgery, while she did have prior procedures done. However, the 90 Day Fiance celebrity is planning to have them done soon. He even shows off the skin on his arm, which he wants to reduce.

Thus, it is likely that Angela will look poorly and frail in the pictures as she still needs to undergo skin surgeries.

Well, this is because the weight loss surgery helped her to remove fat from her body very quickly. We’ll have to see if things change when she gets the skin surgery. For now, however, her fans are worried about her and want her to stop excessive weight loss if it affects her health.

Written by Emma Fisher

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