90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Did Ed Brown use Rose for social media fame?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Did Ed Brown use Rose for social media fame?

90 Day Fiance spoiler discovers that there were rumors that Ed Brown was trying to become famous on social media. Apparently he has a youtube channel and also has other social media like instagram and the like.

But recently Ed Brown has made a real game for social media fame. He recently aired on H3H3 and also does commercials on Cameo, if you pay a higher price. So yes, if you want you can literally pay this guy to wish his grandma or aunt or third cousin a happy birthday, but the question is, after reading this, you might not want to do it.

Rosemarie Vega recently posted an instagram story post, it was uploaded to the 90dayfiancemuse account. The first words that came out of her mouth were: “Ed Brown, how dare you!” and then Rose started pouring out her story. She said Ed never cared about her and lied about spending $5,000 on gifts for her. He never spent any money on her, the only thing he ever bought her was her bra and panties.

Probably part of those pajamas we saw her buy on the show, I think. The most heartbreaking thing of all was that she said he never cared about his four-year-old son! Your son! Excuse me on my way south, Mom, just a minute: “Ed, that kid never did anything to you!” Seriously, though, why take a liking to a kid and have him call you Dad if you’re not going to stay long?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Did Ed Brown use Rose for social media fame?

The most shocking revelation of all was that she said he was lying about the whole thing with his sister. Apparently the money that “sister” had asked him for was a non-existent request and Rose said that it hurt her and embarrassed her. She basically told Ed Brown to stop spreading lies to be “always quiet” and that she was very, very hurt by all this. She was embarrassed in front of millions of people on TV, let’s face it, internationally, and all this so that Ed Brown would have a sad and touching story to put on TV and for which she could get social media fame.

Now, we’ve never seen the lyrics between Rose’s sister and Ed, which she says she got from her sister. But Rose says she didn’t do it. Either someone’s going around impersonating Rose’s sister or there’s a chance she was hacked. (At the risk of sounding a little too much like Yolanda.) But if Rose insists it didn’t happen, I don’t think she can deny it. She seemed too hurt, like it was the night of the VD test request, to fake that. Besides, if she was lying, she’d certainly know it would only make her look bad in the end, wouldn’t she?

It seems, at least on the surface, that Ed Brown is the one with all the power and the big following and that he knows exactly how to work on a big sympathy angle so he can come out smelling like, pardon the pun, a rose. There may well be something more to this story, but for now it seems that Ed has taken advantage of Rose’s extreme poverty to come out as a sort of Captain Save-a-Ho (to quote “Pretty Woman”) and get some sort of fame on social media. Exactly what kind of social media fame he’s looking for, I have no idea, but now that Rose has come out with her version of the story, we’ll see where it takes him.

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