90 Day Fiance: How Is Darcey Silva’s New Boyfriend Different?

90 Day Fiance: How Is Darcey Silva’s New Boyfriend Different?

Darcey Silva hasn’t had much luck at the time she was in love with 90 Day Fiancé. She had two different men on the show and each one of those relationships crashed and burned. Now she has a new beau that will be featured on her spinoff Darcey and Stacey. Apparently, her new boyfriend is totally different from her exes, Tom and Jesse.

Tom Brooks and Darcey didn’t have the easiest breakup. He started dating new women before things were officially done with Darcey and made disparaging comments about her weight and appearance. But after the breakup, Darcey finally ended it with Brooks.

90 Day Fiance: How Is Darcey Silva’s New Boyfriend Different?

Darcey & Stacey follows Darcey’s sister, Stacey Silva, as she takes her fiancé to the United States to get married, but also shows Darcey Silva’s new relationship with her fiancé Georgi.

“Honestly, I’m really, really happy in my life right now,” Darcey told Entertainment Tonight. “I felt like I was over the past, taking time to heal in and out, and I was ready for love again. I have an open heart, and he’s a great guy. He’s someone who behaves differently than the last two, thank God. For me, I feel I can honor myself and say what I want in a relationship. He’s very patient with me, calm and so understanding and we have a lot of fun. I mean, let alone a sexy, sexy Bulgarian, who wouldn’t want that?” Darcey may finally have found someone who can match her loving style.

“I tend to love great people, and I’m a great donor and so is he, so you’ll see a lot of that journey… and what our future may hold,” she continued. Although he has a new relationship now, Darcey has certainly learned from the things he’s been through with both Meester and Brooks, and those failed relationships have helped to improve this one.

“I learned from the past,” Darcey said at the outburst. “I learned what I don’t want.” I’ll keep the good memories, but all in all it was a toxic situation”. I never expected it to happen like that, but I love great things and I give great things and they… were too hard to handle. I just didn’t want to deal with someone who would lower my value and I knew that eventually I would rise to the top”.

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  1. Darcy u need to grow up nd know wen to walk away. U act like ur all that nd ur personality saids something so different.. all that Diva stuff doesn’t fit u.. please listen to others and u need to stop living in a fantasy world. Ur not The Diva u think u are.. sorry but true

  2. How much time do you take for yourself in-between men ? The man you are looking for could be a good ole American man. Have you ever thought about your foreign relationships always going sour ? Maybe God is showing you something. Pay attention to the signs.

  3. Darcey, your constant search for a man is so unattractive. Are you insecure and afraid of being alone? Why not remove the hair extensions, deflate the lips, reduce the boobs and dress more sophisticated. You are attracting what you put out there. Men want confident woman, not women who are 45 and act and dress 15. C’mon girl you are better than that!

  4. Leave your body alone. You have made a fool of yourself, bigger lips, bigger boobs. Come on. Men don’t fall in love with you because you look cheap.get it from a girl who has had big boobs my whole life you don’t have to show them off hanging out your clothes. Men will notice you with a sweater or jacket.

  5. Darcey needs therapy… she is frighteningly insecure.. no matter how she tries to convince herself and us orherwise..
    her and stacey admit to not being like as teenagers. Not pretty they say..
    The fake hair to the overblown boobs is a symptom of the deep rooted pain they have..

  6. Darcy , you are a cartoon character minus the fur . You’re an attention whore that’s way past your prime . Simple minds would only think that an old dessicated vagina with more mileage on it than the Space Shuttles would be enough to attract a sane man for a relationship .
    I strongly suggest you seek some serious therapy with a shrink that understands what a mental case you are . Take your grotesque sister along with you . Good luck and hopefully you wont be needing the EST and subsequent lobotomy.

  7. You sound like a broken record and it doesn’t look good for your image. You whine and cry like a little kid constantly who wants to deal with that your so eager to just meet someone ( over the internet) and quick to get married that’s not normal can’t you meet someone around your geographical area? Spend quality time with them before jumping into marriage?? You push the marriage issue to no end that would push a man far away from your childish, whining, crying way about you. You are demanding marriage what’s wrong with you take a look at the big picture and you’ll see time to grow up and act like a responsible adult and take things in stride and quit crying and whining about everything and own up to your faults your so quick to put blame on everyone else but yourself GROW UP AND ACT LIKE A LADY and definitely quit pushing marriage from the gate

  8. Darcy
    You need to grow up, quit whining and crying like a little girl. You meet these men on the web and when you meet them you demand marriage that’s basically all your after that’s enough to push any man far away from you. Take responsibility for your faults your so eager to point the blame elsewhere other than yourself haven’t you learned by now that the way you meet men ( via the web) doesn’t work for you can’t you find someone in your own geographical area to spend quality time together in person to get to know each other before the talks of marriage. This has got to be so unhealthy for your children you need to love them and yourself before demanding it from an internet international mistake. Start acting like a lady instead of a whining, crying little girl obviously that hasn’t worked for you GROW UP If not for you than for your children maybe seek counseling that would be beneficial for you it seems every time you encounter a man the first thing on your mind is marriage and you push and push and push that issue before anything else that’s not normal and if it doesn’t happen you cry and whine like a baby GROW UP ALREADY no man wants a pain in the butt cry baby your almost 50 yrs old and you act like that. GET HELP

  9. Yes Darcey grow up your not twenty anymore put some clothes on you think those boobs have to be hanging out all the time be a mother let things fall into place naturally

  10. Darcey, I’ve followed you in your search for love.
    Alot of the times I see you settle. You obviously see they aren’t as attractive as they portrait themseves, you’re too kind to them , putting them on a petstal. Tom didn’t look like his pics overweight middle aged man. Honestly you looked too good and too classy for him. I’m way bayhind in your story, but you are gorgeous and deserve a prince . Your are kind and always respectful. Be you and your best you as you always are. You’ll find your prince

  11. Please find happiness within yourself and accept your age. Find someone your age and stop
    All the plastic surgery, it’s making you look worse.
    Stop crying, that’s such a turn off.

  12. Darcy please quit making a fool of yourself when you act like every time you’re with your men you bring up marriage you can tell they’re sick of it you can tell it in their eyes I don’t want to hear it you are sickening get rid of the extension the boobs and get a f****** neck

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