90 Day Fiancé: Tom Brooks Denies Ex’s Money Claims

90 Day Fiancé: Tom Denies Ex’s Money Claims

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers find that cast member, Tom Brooks has once again thrown in Darcey Silva, his ex. In a post he later deleted, he made shocking claims that seem to be about Darcey. Some of the allegations are really big accusations and rumor has it that Darcey betrayed him. He also said she had a drinking problem.

Sounds like Tom still has something against his ex, Darcey Silva. He’s been giving her a hard time about a lot of things. There’s no telling what caused the charges, but he certainly didn’t hold back. Even though Tom didn’t name names, it’s almost certain he was talking about Darcey .

Tom and his girlfriend, Amanda’s relationship seems to be going well, while his mum and sister still follow her on social media. Tom also plans to return to New York after the pandemic situation improves. So his accusations can only be made against Darcey.

In a cryptic message, Tom said the like didn’t bother him, and that it was an insult to [his] intelligence” that he hated. Tom Books surrounded the quote he posted with several hashtags that seemed to be directed at Darcey. He also said that Darcey lied and betrayed me. He also talked about “alcoholism” and that he’s “tired of people lying to cover their ass”.

90 Day Fiancé: Tom Denies Ex’s Money Claims

Recently, Darcey said she paid Tom Brooks at least $2000 during their relationship, but Tom says she wasn’t completely honest and said she did everything she did “with Daddy’s allowance.

Tom might be right, because with little Darcey Silva earning from being engaged 90 Day Fiancé, it’s hard to believe she can afford her cosmetic treatments and travel. Looks like Tom paid for some of those, too. Tom asks Darcey, “can I get back the things I bought you and the money for the cancelled trip,” and adds, “he thinks he owes me. TLC star Darcey accused Jesse of the same thing, but he produced receipts for all the things he paid for, including holidays.

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  1. Regarding the Darcy situation she is not even engaged her sister is but she was never on the show. Why does TLC still even have her on pillow talk
    But coincidentally Jesse and Tom reiterate the same thi g about her alchohol consumption and on TV she in both cases gets billegerent an is blinded drunk. Does TLC exploit her cause she may have a problem? That’s sad and Darcey allows these men in her daughters lives. Pretty soon they’ll be goi g to different countries for sexcapades. She makes no bones on TV while her daughters see that she wants sex the 1st night. Talking on the phone is not dating. You don’t know them
    It’s sad about Darcey and her sister is not helping. They should remove her and stop exploiting. It’s not to fair to her kids.

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