90 Day Fiance: Is Julia Trubkina Pregnant?

90 Day Fiance Is Julia Trubkina Pregnant

It looks like Ron and Betty’s worst nightmare is about to come true. Before Julia Trubkina arrived in America, Betty asked Brandon Gibbs if Julia Trubkina is on the pill. He said that she doesn’t like to take pills, and Mom replied that she doesn’t mind taking her to the gynecologist. But it turned out that Brandon and Julia didn’t agree with his mom’s plan.

In the teaser of the episode that will air on February 20, the 26-year-old Russian Gogo dancer was taking a pregnancy test. She asked Brandon Gibbs if two lines meant pregnant or not. In her confessional, Julia Trubkina said she was worried about her parents being even more controlling after that situation.

90 Day Fiance: Is Julia Trubkina Pregnant?

While Brandon Gibbs’s father looked shocked, his mother quickly denied it and asked him if he was joking, as reported by Soapdirt. He told them that they took a test that shocked the parents to their core.

When Julia Trubkina came to America, the couple had to live with his parents due to lack of funds. They spend most of their money on taking trips between their long-distance relationship.

Ron and Betty made rules and told Julia Trubkina that as long as they live under their roof, they cannot sleep in the same bedroom. They also asked Julia Trubkina to contribute two jobs on the family farm. Because she was reluctant to take birth control, Brandon Gibbs’s parents thought that keeping them apart was the best way to avoid pregnancy.

Julia Trubkina made it clear early on that she would try the farm lifestyle for about a month. But if she didn’t like it, she would go back to Russia. It turned out that she did not like getting dirty and performing various tasks on the farm.

Living away from her boyfriend was difficult for Julia Trubkina. One day she broke down and gave Brandon an ultimatum. She asked him to move to another place with her or she would return to Russia. Brandon Gibbs negotiated a deal with her parents where they allowed them to live in the same room. Julia no longer had to work on the farm.

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